Northern Xinjiang continued to part of the road closed at least 150 people were rescued super bass

Northern Xinjiang Blizzard last portion of the road closed for at least 150 people were rescued – Beijing, Beijing, Urumqi, November 12 (Yue Ming Zhou Jichengwang You Bo) 12, the local Xinjiang region of northern Tacheng and the Aletai area Blizzard has continued for several days, some sections of the snow depth has reached 1 meters, to the local facilities for agriculture and animal husbandry in particular, influence of transportation, even the highway was temporarily closed, there are people trapped in the snow. The reporter learned from multiple news sources, due to continuous Blizzard and blowing snow and other factors, the local border police, fire protection, highways and other departments have to rescue trapped in the snow in the crew of about 150 people, hundreds of cars. According to the police Xinjiang Aletai border detachment thost border police news, the police station received 12 calls: on the way home encounter downtown breeze, the vehicle can not move forward at the same time, road vehicles more than 10 vehicles stranded. Border officers and men rushed to the scene to take the push, pull, shovel and other means to help trapped people out of danger as soon as possible. Subsequently, the local authorities on the road closure control, closed to traffic, the road snow large local visibility less than 10 meters. At the same time, Jimunai County in Aletai provincial highway 319 line, 229 line snowstorm, Aletai fire brigade and Jimunai Highway Management Bureau staff to clean up the snow in the road, rescue the two roads totaling more than 70 vehicles, more than 120 people. Because the snow is too large, highway 319 line port road average up to 60 cm of snow, part of snow blocking roads snow 1 meters, road visibility less than 5 meters, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles, the traffic police department has been implementing temporary two-way traffic control on highway 319 line. From the port of Jimunai from the Jimunai county one kilometer direction, also more than 10 vehicles were trapped more than 20 people stranded in the snow, some vehicles fall under subgrade. Fire department rescue personnel to safety zone. On the same day, the Tacheng area of heavy snow, highway 201 line Maj Tas Road, due to high winds form a strong wind and snow, visibility does not comply with the road traffic conditions, make the implementation of two-way traffic control on 12 March 12. As of press time reporter, the road traffic control has been nearly 5 hours. At present, Tacheng meteorological departments at all levels, Aletai, Bozhou, Yili, has released 17 wind, cold, snow and other warning signals. 12, in some areas of Tacheng, Aletai and other places in the Western Tianshan area to blizzard, local big Blizzard (20 to 30 mm), the area of new snow depth of 5 ~ 12 cm, the local up to 18 ~ 30 cm. 13, north of Xinjiang, the intensity and range of snow decreased significantly, the beginning of the 14, the northern part of Xinjiang will once again snow weather. (end)相关的主题文章: