Northern Jiangsu canal lock built general hospital to protect the canal flow 纪元1701

North Jiangsu canal built lock general hospital to protect the canal smooth – the new network for overhaul site, the staff survey valve panel structure. Emergency Support Center for Tutu remote diagnosis system of North Jiangsu canal. Emergency Support Center for Beijing October 30 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) the lock can also enjoy "medical service", 30, the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal in Jiangsu Province lock emergency center director Yang Longkui told reporters that North Jiangsu has built "lock examination center" and "lock health center", "lock the emergency center" as the characteristics of the lock "general hospital", to protect the smooth flow of the canal. At present, the "general hospital" has completed the comprehensive control of the northern Jiangsu canal 28 locks, the official start of the lock file data accumulation, "prevention" will become the new pattern of North Jiangsu canal lock maintenance. The Grande Canale is one of the longest, largest and oldest canals in the world, and is known as the two great works of ancient China with the Great Wall. As the busiest North Jiangsu canal segment, North Xuzhou, South Yangzhou Linjiaba six Wei, a total length of 404 kilometers, in Chinese traffic north and south water, known as the "golden waterway". 404 km north of the whole canal water level gap of 31 meters, along the way to set up a total of 10 shipping ladder, built a large modern lock of the 28, in addition to Liu Shan Station reconciliation station, the rest are the three line lock. "One gate is blocked, the ship is difficult to do." Yang Longkui told reporters that the lock emergency repair, such as water 120, slow. The relationship between response time and repair speed is related to the safety and smoothness of the northern Jiangsu canal. At present, the northern Jiangsu canal across the board 10 shipping ladder 28 locks in a long-term saturation operation. Perennial sailing in the northern Jiangsu canal fleet of nearly 2000, cargo ship about 20000, the total number of ships up to 40000. To achieve the maximum capacity of the northern Jiangsu canal and safe and smooth, the implementation of preventive maintenance is the only way." Yang Longkui said, at present, the center of Jiangsu province to achieve full coverage of the channel two or three large and medium-sized lock emergency security work, service object is Jiangsu shipping management office 28 locks to lock 56 inside and outside the province. (end)相关的主题文章: