Next Friday, guess Shenzhen Tong announced soon the capital continues to

Next Friday, guess: Shenzhen Tong announced soon the capital continues to approach from the micro signal love stock APP two cities down, the index fell across the board, stock index insurance keep 3100 points. Disk, the new times, gaosongzhuan is the largest all day long hot, brokerage, banking, coal to support the market, the two cities a total of 35 stock trading, money effect is still in the locality; 511 billion 200 million of total turnover, volume slightly enlarged. 1 policy conjecture: Shenzhen Tong announced soon realize the probability: 70% the market is widely expected to be launched in November through Hong Kong, officially opened a few weeks ahead of time should be announced next Monday is October 31st, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the official opening time may be released at any time! Judging from the market today, the brokerage stocks collective opened up, Huatai Securities once the impact of trading, the biggest benefit is expected to pass down the Shenzhen, though, but dare to pull the main broker from the side to the Shenzhen TRUMPF! 2 main conjecture: outside the capital continue to approach the probability of achieving: 75% of the last two days, the stock index approaching 3100 points twice, but there are funds relay, 3100 were successfully hold, mainly outside the capital approach ta! Eleven years ago, a lot of money choice on the hedge, but after the holiday index rebounded quickly, did not give the number of people on the opportunity, especially the heavy line station last year, large amounts of funds approach, index retracement near 3100 is just the chance on the train, has become an important force underpinning the recent index! 3 technology conjecture: Changyang breakthrough probability: 60% figure accurately predicted the trend of today’s fall down, based on a key support line failed to step back in place, and this trend line today just back on the steps! Pictured above the 60 minute chart, two purple box in a similar trend, although the current than the first determined to weaken, but the trend remains unchanged. Judge: Monday as long as flat open about rate of upward continuous Changyang Bikong, breakthrough before the high point of 3140 after it peaked! (small probability tiaokongdikai Powei trend line is not nervous, the first time there will be a counter and then fled Powei later.) 4 market conjecture: weak rebound probability: 65% day Treasury repo rate soared late, at the end of the surface tension of funds, is the main reason for the diving. However, the volume has not been significantly enlarged, 3100 points mark for the next two days failed to fall below the market trend upward trend. Despite the emergence of individual monster special stop, but the overall regulatory policy is still loose, and no significant tightening signal, the management of the heart of the market does not change the heart. Weekend news positive partial positive probability, the market is expected to usher in a weak rebound next week. 5 new hot conjecture: low probability of stagflation: 60% new continued strong, success laid the main market position, the main funding heating phenomenon obviously, laiyifen five even board into the hype is expected the new benchmark, market speculation will continue. From Dawson shares trading board, funds began mining low stagflation variety within the sector, may be concerned about the related subject of the stagflation of the Oriental fashion (603377), (603608), TICO fashion new technology (603996). The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstoc] or Phoenix securities;相关的主题文章: