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New MacBook Pro heavy function exposure: all want to come – Sohu digital although Mac Series sales fell serious, but fortunately, a new generation of MacBook Pro is coming, because there are a lot of people are holding it, etc.. To be sure, the new MacBook Pro have changed, users found in the 10.21.1 macOS, the original digital keyboard keys at the top of the row of function keys, Apple has been secretly adjustment should be cancelled, specifically, there is no doubt that it is in the OLED area to touch keys. In addition, more surprising is that there are people in the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Touch were found in the ID fingerprint identification key, which is integrated in the power button on the MacBook, you can complete the Apple Pay verification, can also unlock MacBook Pro. The current macOS system, when you need to enter a password, apple used the lock icon in the pop-up window, and lock in a new generation of MacBook Pro images may be replaced with fingerprints. OLED touch button area, integrated Touch ID… These features will undoubtedly make the new MacBook Pro more attractive.相关的主题文章: