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Dongbao’s new Cinderella flowers 15 years old girl ideal elder Masami Nagasawa of Dongbao girl’s new entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) has been elected Yamko Sawaguchi, Masami Nagasawa and other star performers in the "eighth Dongbao Cinderella selection will be published before the championship in Tokyo in the first grade students who continue Osaka high school at the age of 15. Girl Fukumoto Riko from 9508 in the title is the birth of talent shows itself, the first Dongbao Cinderella since Yamko Sawaguchi second from Osaka champion. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu published video channel drama the day of the meeting in 2011 to win the first generation of Cinderella white song Meng Shi also arrived at the scene was crowned the new champion. Dongbao is the Cinderella selection again after a lapse of five years held, full of interviews of 9508 participants in the 10 National City, entered the final 30 candidates after 3 days of singing and dancing places after training, finally from the 11 girl to participate in the conference of elected champion. Fukumoto Riko said in the title, to call his name is confirmed when champion was surprised, words cannot express the joy, hope that their future can be of all ages audience favorite actress. The selection committee chairman Fukumoto Riko said the performance is very calm, liberal and dignified in the game, being outstanding and resilient in the face of the pressure, is the champion of the candidate. It is reported that Fukumoto Riko is a friend in induce decided to enroll in the competition, she not only won the championship will be 3 million yen bonus, will be in the next scheduled shooting of Dongbao film production formally in actress debut and girls fashion magazine "Seventeen" as a model contract signing, will debut in future publications.相关的主题文章: