Netizen Tongsu Tencent indulgence QQ blue diamond malicious user

Netizen Tongsu Tencent indulgence QQ blue diamond malicious user privilege on August 29th news, Tencent has become one of the world’s most popular social networking tools, and many of the Tencent’s business and QQ are open, and QQ game is the Tencent’s first self-developed game products, to become the world’s largest "casual games platform", has over a hundred the game category, about 200 million active users, while the highest number of online more than 8 million. Tencent value-added services revenue from a lot of this, but also for players to open the exclusive privileges – QQ blue diamond. QQ QQ Blue Diamond Membership privilege malicious user in addition to get extra props in the game, but also the implementation of the blue diamond privilege, that in the game room to play another game player, and the blue diamond privilege also has the corresponding class distinction, advanced users can play in addition to the low-level user. Recently, some users complained that in the game can often encounter malicious driving privileged users into the game room, not only kicking game. And when the user to reflect the official customer service Tencent, Tencent customer service did not make a reasonable explanation, only to inform the user, this is the normal blue diamond privileges, we can not interfere with the use of their own privileges". In the name of a user in that the "malicious use privilege", Tencent still give customer service not only allows users to talk ambiguously answered, chilling, think this is a special means of Tencent, in order to make non blue diamond users open the privilege permissions, and suspected the "malicious driving privilege" is the Tencent specialized internal layout. In the official website of Tencent blue diamond annual blue diamond marked privilege function, blue diamond can be implemented into aristocratic privilege, and with anti playing privileges, but not marked for "punishment of malicious use of user privilege.相关的主题文章: