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.puters-and-Technology Whenever any of the past clients think of offshore Python development, Mindfire is the only .pany they turn to. The Python development team at Mindfire is one of the best in India and our knowledge and experience enable of clients to get a high quality application developed within a short time and at a fraction of the cost of developing it locally. The experts in the Python development team at Mindfire have knowledge in a variety of frameworks. Expertise in frameworks like Django, Pinax, Zope and web2py makes us good enough to take up any type of work. This knowledge also helps our clients in getting their application done in the framework that best suits their need. Since we have the know-how on different types of frameworks we pass on our suggestions to clients in the requirements gathering phase itself. Timely decision helps save time in the long run by reducing rework. In addition to knowledge on different frameworks, Python developers at Mindfire have very good exposure to building and deploying applications on different types of servers. We have developed applications for Linux, Apache, nginx and GAE to name a few. This expertise .es with a strong desire and passion for learning and with experience in working in these areas. Python development team at Mindfire focuses a lot in learning new areas and things about Python and using that knowledge in building better quality applications for our clients. To build smarter applications not only knowledge on framework and server is required but also a good knowledge on different tools available is required. Smarter tools enable the developer to get the same job done in a quicker time and this time saved is added revenue for our clients. Celery, Tastypie, Pylint and Fabric are some of the good tools that the Python development team at Mindfire uses. Because of all this, i.e good and thorough knowledge on different frameworks, different servers and good tools our development time is very less and the application developed is of the highest quality. Till date we have never lost a client or had a client .plain about the work deliverables and we have had many clients .e back to us regularly whenever they have work in Python to be done. This clearly shows the trust clients have in the Python development India team at Mindfire. Unlike other .panies we dont just provide coding services. Because of our experience and expertise we add value to the application by contributing in improving the design specification given by client and during the development phase by saving on time. Most clients appreciate the fact that we dont just blindly do coding as per the suggestion given by them what they like and respect about us is the professionalism we show both while giving suggestions and while implementing them. We take care that we do not go overboard and cause interference in the development process rather we work collaboratively with our clients to deliver the best application possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: