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The uterine neck long "acne", was induced by cervical cancer, horrible maternal Sohu – the original, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 on gynecological diseases, said the girls were all blue thin, letinous edodes, gynecological diseases so much, each endanger our health and let us endure these "secret sorrow". Today, girls follow dove to see, one of the common gynecological diseases, cervical cyst. Say to palace neck cyst, have to say palace neck cyst is very terrible really, some people say palace neck cyst is chronic palace neck phlogistic? What is terrible, but I tell you, cervical cyst can cause cervical cancer, you say terrible not terrible. What is palace neck cyst is simple, palace neck cyst is the thing that is similar to "blain blain" on cervix, its size is not certain, the position is not certain also. It is a kind of chronic palace neck phlogistic, it is a kind of common Department of gynaecology disease. Symptoms of cervical cyst 1 abnormal leucorrhea. The general performance of leucorrhea increased, leucorrhea viscous, leucorrhea purulent, leucorrhea, blood, etc.. 2 abdominal or lumbosacral pain, pelvic pain, defecation straining, aggravating menstruation, sexual intercourse. 3 vaginal itching, burning sensation. 4 urinary tract problems, such as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria. 5 irregular menstruation. A lot of cervical cysts with irregular menstruation, so there is a girl with irregular menstruation, pay attention to the possibility of cervical cysts. 6 infertility. Cervical cyst, if not treated in time, it may cause other inflammation, pregnant women have an impact. The harm of palace neck cyst affects sexual life 1. A lot of girls suffering from cervical cysts on sexual life, are more or less have a sense of fear, and every time after vaginal bleeding sexual life. 2 induce other gynecological diseases. If you do not actively treat cervical cyst, cervical cyst of the bacteria will be infected with other adjacent tissues, thereby inducing other gynecological diseases. 3 infertility. Cervical cyst, such as not timely treatment, it may cause other inflammation, severe cysts will also have an impact on women’s pregnancy. 4 affect fetal development. If you are infected with cervical cysts during pregnancy, then the bacteria may enter the uterus harm to the baby’s health, will cause miscarriage, premature birth, etc.. How to prevent cervical cyst 1 pay attention to health. Do not use anything to clean the vulva, because it is possible to make the vaginal acid-base imbalance, the ability to resist bacteria weakened, so that harmful bacteria infection to the genitals. 2 reduce the number of abortions. Usually pay attention to contraception measures to minimize the number of people, to avoid damage to the cervical ears. 3 pay attention to menstrual health. Menstrual period for women, is a special period, when women are vulnerable to external injuries. So, do not take a bath, menstrual period should pay attention to and so on. 4 regular gynecological examination. Regular regular gynecological examination, early detection, early treatment. 5 if it is acute cervicitis, must be treated in time, in order to prevent chronic cervicitis. Dove reminds: palace neck cyst is chronic palace.相关的主题文章: