National Level Grooming Fashion Show-pullip

Beauty No no no you cannot ask us what season the BFW is showcasing. There is no season. There are just shows. The shows have been put together depending upon the availability of the garments with the designer. Mohit Falod from Jaipur presented his bridal collection (if that’s what it was) that was inspired by nature giving a message to conserve nature (how? Good question). The most impressive thing about the whole collection was the interesting jacket and the blingy waist belt that the designer himself wore while he walked the ramp. Its nice to be supportive about new talent showcasing new collections at a new BFW but .e on the Bangalore audience and buyers (Yes we did hear a murmur here and there about zara and all hopes are on Kimaya making an appearance ‘any time now’) are well traveled and have a decent fashion sensibility. Why would they want to pick up a designer mirror shop to wear? If BFW is grooming these designers to .pete at a national level with renowned designers they need to step up and put their money where their mouth is. Where is the quality aspect that was touted so often before the BFW started. Beautiful saris, some passe menswear, interesting dresses, again some more forgettable menswear, some gowns that’s how the sequence flowed. No you cannot ask us about trends/seasons. It does not apply. And wait a minute now where have I seen these clothes before? Aaaahh yes at the other fashion shows held in the city a couple of months ago with the very same accessories. Well, that’s as much as we can say about the clothes because if we were to go in to a description it would have been a repeat for the umpteenth time. And well the description really wouldnt make much of an impression. The clothes were good but not exceptional or anything to write home about. And somewhere down the line the senior designers have been given the impression that a fashion show at a fashion week means emptying your closet and putting everything that is there in it on the ramp. I sincerely thought it was supposed to be prediction of the next season’s trends. Looks like a re-education is in order. Well, can not blame them they either do not care about the buyers or for the concept of a fashion week or are using this chance to showcase all that they have to individual customers as there is no national / international buyer that we can see/hear/smell. Apart from the dismal clothes the rest was pure entertainment. A full house with all the local socialites in full attendance no one could .plain about the lack of audience at this show. Kanadda actors Diganth and Aindrita Ray were the show stoppers of the show. After having gotten such a beautiful showstopper we wonder what possessed the designer to make her dress up in borrowed pieces of clothing with a fish scale top and a sheath of cloth posed as a skirt and a cape longer than superman’s which was tied around her shoulders with knots uhhhmmmm dunno what was playing in the designer’s mind. A well put together collection consisting of mainly whites and beiges Delhi based designer Samant Chauhan presented his Spring/Summer 2010 collection at the BFW today which .prised of both men’s and women’s wear. The invitee designers seem to be the only ones sticking to some season. He presented a .pletely fresh collection called the ‘Green Collar’ using linen, bhagalpur silk and his patented ahimsa silk. The 30 pieces were like a wave of fresh white energy. His collection was inspired by the collared executive who would want to do his little bit for the green movement. Bandhgala jackets accessorized with leather belts, armbands and satchel bags stood out in the collection as did the dresses and shifts teamed with ruffled boyfriend shorts. Talking about BFW Samant said, "The response that I am getting from the collection is quite a surprise. I was not really expecting sales as I was invited to show here." He already has a client base here as he did participate in a few of the menswear weeks organized by Prasad Bidappa some two years back. People from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad are .ing up to ask me about my collections. Nothing concrete has happened as of now as it was just a meeting in passing. I will be meeting them tomorrow to take things forward." On the fashion scene he .mented, "The fashion audience in Bangalore is very literate. They know what they want. For me the opportunity to showcase my collection at BFW helped me to gather valuable feedback about my collections." In Bangalore you will see him at Opus and Cheeros very often as he enjoys the Bangalore hospitality and awesome weather. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: