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Chinese football team lost to Syria: we are still small Zhang Feng football commentary authors China football market looks very hot, but this prosperity, to some extent is not less than the real estate bubble. Like my age, if published on the Chinese football commentary in the circle of friends, you need a lot of courage, a lot of friends will be ridiculed: you should still see China? Such a voice represents the consensus reached by the fans in the past 20 years. Fortunately, the generation of young people out of the country, a new generation of pure fans grew up. Chinese team defeated by Syria, is a special failure: Chinese in mind, Syria is a war troubled country, Syria team is a qualified team can lose home court, football waif, and Chinese is a GDP country ranked second in the world. After this defeat, almost no longer have any confidence in the national team, China football, once again become the object of ridicule scripts. The root cause of this loss is that the situation of Chinese football is not understood. In fact, the strength of Chinese football is placed there, if the football population, the Chinese team may not really much more than the number of Syria, more than the European and American countries. In England and Spain, a small town can support a team, has its own standard football field, and in China, the capital city in general, to raise a super team are very difficult. Even the super overlord Evergrande, home court the Tianhe Sports Center, is a comprehensive stadium that lie between the player and the stands of the runway, a Chinese football behind the fact. China football market looks very hot, all motionless out hundreds of millions to win the prize, but the prosperity, to a certain extent is not less than the real estate bubble. Although the national team did not China what its stability and foam, as in the past, but Chinese football bubble has been quite serious: the club into the burn mode, the introduction of a large number of Europe and Brazil the price of foreign aid, if the market value of the theory, the super seems to have been the top league. This gives the illusion that Chinese players who are often trained with high-level foreign aid will not go anywhere. If we look at the China Football League history of nearly 20 years, you will find that it is almost a barometer of economic China: at the end of 90s, the tobacco companies is almost the world, only such a taxpayer can afford to support. By twenty-first Century, in addition to insurance, liquor companies involved in short-term, most of the time by the real estate business led. The real estate owner’s pride, for some large state-owned enterprises, was not to Yin Mingshan, private entrepreneurs had to drop out of trouble. It is a game of support for the rich or the enterprise, but not into the homes of ordinary people. This support model, the biggest feature is to focus on immediate benefits. Some clubs shouted slogans from AFC Champions League within a few years, so they burn buy foreign aid, they are not willing to spend money to build a standard golf course, is not willing to spend the time to engage in the echelon construction. The most important thing is, in a larger context, Chinese hasn’t really fell in love with football in the city, the children are still academic suffocatively come, for the vast majority of parents, children are too obsessed with football, let people worry about. We are]相关的主题文章: