National foot arrived in Tashkent Hotel closed management to prevent players from disturbing (video)-小坂めぐる

The Orangemen arrived in Tashkent the hotel closed management of players from the Orangemen arrived in Tashkent wearing a suit to disturb the mentality of the players smiling good Tencent in October 8 (the sports Ritashengan Zhao Yu Zeng Xiao) afternoon local time in Tashkent three points, the Orangemen soldiers arrived at the hotel, the team officially entered the game with the Uzbekistan team for rhythm. In order to let the players have a good rest, the hotel took a closed mode of management, to meet the media can only be taken outside the hotel. Gao Hongbo’s foot soldiers arrived in the country carrying away the foot is a chartered flight from Xi’an to Tashkent, the team all dressed in suits, looks very spirit. As the flight was delayed nearly two hours, the team arrived at the hotel at three p.m.. Travel fatigue did not bring too much impact on the team, the players get off the mental state is good. Since Uzbekistan is far away from China, and the local Chinese are not many, so the hotel did not come to the door to greet the team’s fans, only about 10 media reporters. The last time the country to go to Korea to prepare for the twelve game, the reporter can enter the hotel lobby shooting, there are a lot of fans waiting for the arrival of the national team players in the lobby. This time, the hotel fully closed management, set up a fence at the door, the reporter can only be taken at the door of the hotel. To do this is to keep the team from being disturbed and to have a good rest. The team is admitted to a local four star hotel in Tashkent, which is also the AFC’s top twelve tournament exclusive hotel. Immediately after the arrival of the team to check in, and then the players eat. The team had planned to resume training at five p.m. local time, but the flight was delayed, so the training time had to be postponed. About six or so, the team will be in the field after the game to arrive here after the first training session.相关的主题文章: