National day these places I advise you not to go-瀬名アスカ

National day where I advise you not to go the National Day blocking wall is well known, but it is 7 days long! After the end of this year there is no long holiday ah! Therefore, even if is to own stuffed sardines, I believe many of my friends will go to fearless of death for a just cause yipaidatui! Go on, but these places can really do not go, I believe the people of the lessons of the blood and meat for many years, it is better to lie at home, Ge You lie a holiday! Black list NO.1 the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace: the Great Wall really dare to go to the capital of eleven men to see what could be the first choice of many people, after all, is the National Day! But you think so, everyone thinks so! Say less than the Great Wall of non hero, but dare to the Great Wall during the National Day is really a hero, you really need to prove it?     remember this famous self not up and the Imperial Palace, the three main hall where the the Imperial Palace line, many tourists can only see the roof, let alone see the temple of the fine decoration. I believe that if the emperor heard that their own into such a child, certainly immediately fainted.     you say you do not go to the capital like ~ don’t be so happy oh boy. The Empire of the local people, not to go. Blacklist NO.2 Gulangyu Islet: one kilometer to walk N hours! Walk around the Gulangyu Islet store, pat fresh photos, this place is always in style. Last year, eleven, the highest single day of Gulangyu Islet reception capacity of up to 93 thousand passengers, tens of thousands of tourists took a few kilometers away on the way to take a few hours, really slow Gulangyu Islet… What literature and art have evaporated! Do you think there will be any difference this year?   blacklist NO.3 Lijiang: it’s not easy to find a bed! Yunnan Yunnan tourism as a leading scenic spot, last year’s national day 7 days in Lijiang received nearly 400 thousand tourists, only Jade Dragon Snow Mountain received a total of 90 thousand people. Xiaobian a friend to go to Lijiang to play last year in horror that was not only all kinds of traffic tools are full, even the inn buildings of Lijiang had tens of thousands of tourists can not find a bed of their own.     you say you do not look at the cultural landscape, to see the natural scenery is not it? Too naive! Naive! Blacklist NO.4 Jiuzhaigou: last year a mess of Jiuzhaigou ticket price is expensive. Regular Jiuzhaigou tickets for 220 yuan, plus a ticket of $90, a total of 310 yuan. Even spend high price, and in last year’s National Day second days, 40 thousand tourists to Jiuzhaigou serious overload, make a mess, which area be taken by surprise, thousands of tourists stranded in scenic area to the middle of the night. Would also like to go? To see the scenery you remember with 1.8 long self timer!   blacklist NO.5 Zhangjiajie: taiwan bus around Zhangjiajie beautiful scenery, plus a bit with Afanda, recently launched a glass bridge, attracted nearly 21 daily trains, 40 flights, 1800 tourist buses and countless tourists around the Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan round". Although the field wide day high, but still overcrowded!   China is so big that it can’t stand;相关的主题文章: