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Nanjing man suspected of being his girlfriend cheating threat more than 1 gunmen broke into the bar like assault on September 9th morning, Nanjing Qinhuai police received a report of a man, said he had been threatened with a gun to the head, the head was wounded. So the question is, how the suspect will have a gun? In the hospital room, the police saw the alarm is being created by mr.. He told the police that he did not know the man hit. According to Mr. Wang described, when a man rushed to the consumer where he was in the bar, Mr. Wang will be pulled out from the bar, a road with a gun pointed at him, bring him to the door, for his implementation of the assault, and the gun knocked his brow. According to the clues, the police locked the suspect Liu, Liu family in September 10th, arrested him and seized an imitation gun. According to Liu explained that this gun is to assemble their own, usually at home. Recently, because and girlfriend in trouble, the mood has been bad. The early morning of September 9th, Liu was found his girlfriend cheated, angrily took the gun out of the door. Liu said that night, his girlfriend with his video chat, she said to go to sleep. The results of a friend Liu saw the girl out drinking with other men, the man is the front of the injured Mr. wang. Liu huff took the gun to Mr. Wang’s bar…… Currently, Liu was arrested on suspicion of illegal possession of firearms, criminal coercive measures are taken. A word out of the gun? This would be too arrogant arrogance. I hope young people to love in the right way, to avoid going astray. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original girlfriend received suitors precious gift called Guy admitted to cheat Xianpinaifu due to excessive inferiority相关的主题文章: