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Nanchang procuratorate identified a total 1.1 employees have 149 Suites million yuan – Sohu news Lin Yang Investment Development Limited registered in the Nanchang Road, an office building, and the registration in the name of Xu Linbao. Beijing News reporter Fu Shan photo "sitting on hundreds of staff’s Procuratorate suite event tracking for network transmission Jiangxi Nanchang high tech Development Zone procuratorate staff and relatives of Xu Linbao under the name of property registration up to more than and 380 sets of events, Nanchang Municipal People’s Procuratorate yesterday released the results of the preliminary investigation: a preliminary investigation of Xu Lin Bao and his family in the name of real estate in Nanchang a total of 149 units (rooms), the purchase price 1.1 more than 100 million yuan, is currently in the Nanchang area of the bank still has more than 9600 yuan of loans did not return. Xu Linbao 149 suites have been verified recently, the network reported that the Nanchang high tech Zone procuratorate staff Xu Linbao and family names up to more than and 380 sets of real estate. October 25th, the Beijing News reported the matter to verify the 116 sets of Xu Linbao and his family (inter) real estate, a total area of 7636.08 square meters, most of them shops. November 3rd, Nanchang city procuratorate official micro-blog informed investigation. Informed that, following the October 5th high-tech district Procuratorate made a decision to stop working for Xu Linbao, Nanchang city procuratorate set up a special investigation team to investigate. Now the initial identification, Xu Linbao and family name in Nanchang property totaling 149 units (rooms), purchase time from 1995 to 2015, the purchase price totaled 1.1 million yuan, currently in the Nanchang area of the bank still has more than 9600 yuan of loans did not return. Related issues are further verification. Nanchang city procuratorate also said, according to the survey results of procuratorial organs will be severely dealt with according to discipline. "Criminal acts adhere to the zero tolerance, and severely dealt with, will not shield their mistakes, will not be tolerated! The findings will be announced to the public in a timely manner." Earlier, the Beijing News reporter had to contact Xu Linbao by telephone, Xu said that in recent years to do the housing business, but not to do residential, but commercial real estate. The daughter of Xu Linbao of Beijing News reporter said, Xu Linbao 30 years ago into business to deposit a sum of money, then do the green business make money. In recent years, the mother of Mao on the use of household deposits. Mao a loan from the bank to purchase multiple sets of real estate, such as house prices and then sell, earn the difference. Xu Linbao, son of a suspected fraud arrested yesterday’s bulletin also said that Xu Linbao’s son-in-law, on suspicion of credit card fraud, was the public security organs for investigation on suspicion of the crime of fraud on the basis of the investigation of the crime of fraud, said on. In October 15th, the public security organs will be arrested for questioning Long Yuewu, in October 25th, the procuratorial organs approved the arrest. According to the Nanchang municipal procuratorate informed that, at present, the prosecution will reflect Xu Linbao, Long Yuewu suspected of financing fraud clues transferred to public security organs, public security organs are investigating. Informed sources told the Beijing News reporter Long Yuewu is pursuit of information. Long Yuewu was born in 1989 in Jiangxi, Nanchang, flight date is May 9, 2016, fugitive type detention at large. Information shows that in October 19, 2012, the suspect Long Yuewu in the Bank of China do Lei相关的主题文章: