My Zombie Bug Out Bag Just Looks Cool-didadi

Arts-and-Entertainment Okay, so the zombies didn’t .e, big deal. It is still a great excuse to buy cool stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily get and let’s face it, having a zombie bug out bag feels good. Mini chainsaws, Swiss fire starters, LED torches that can blind a man, everyone should have these things. It’s probably one of the best ways to start a conversation with people like your in-laws. "Hey father in law, do you have a big Smith & Wesson hunting knife strapped to your leg that can be pulled out in 2 seconds?" Just imagine the pickup lines it can lead to. On the more serious side, items found in a zombie bug out bag are still very useful to have. Let’s say the aliens decide to go all independence day then the human race is going to need a Rambo. Even more realistic situations like mutant squirrels suddenly swinging from the trees should be taken as a reason to get a bag. Worst case scenario, they decide to make another Twilight movie and it pushes the fans into thinking they are part of the vampire or werewolf clans. That bag can be the difference between dreamland and reality. You can’t make this stuff up, according to Twilight fans. Apart from aliens and fans invading the earth, natural disasters are more .mon. A lot of the items in the zombie bag can in fact help you to survive. The double stitched sleeping bag will keep you warm in the woods when it’s winter time. When your girlfriend or wife kicks you out in the snow, just grab your bag and set up the water resistant pocket size tent in the backyard. There is simply no end to the things you can do. You will never be caught off-guard again. If you have to look for reasons not to set up a bug out bag, then happy hunting; anything is possible at any time and survival is the keyword. You can use the first aid kit after you cut yourself sharpening the sticks from the tree you accidentally saw in half with the chainsaw while fighting off the killer bees you stirred up trying to pull down their nest using the katana sword. Just try and think of a more exciting Saturday afternoon without the bag. There is no substitute. Don’t let any tell you it’s not worth getting a zombie bag if the zombies aren’t going to show. Something else just might and it looks very cool. Copyright (c) 2013 Steve Brown About the Author: 相关的主题文章: