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My daughter left a sudden illness illegally parked and accommodation: the requests do not ticketed Beijing – these two days, WeChat circle of friends circulated two such a picture of a van parked in a no wide lane, the front windshield posted a note. Another is a close-up of the note, the message is the owner’s daughter. It turned out that this car is illegally parked, but the owner is due to brain stem hemorrhage in the hospital for treatment, the police uncle, you do not want to post a ticket, the cost of the hospital is really too high, our family has been difficult to bear…… Ask your accommodation……" Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the incident occurred in Nanjing. Traffic police department will do further processing for the actual situation. According to the photo of Mr. Sheng said the photo was taken in October 12th. "This alley is a single line, itself is relatively narrow, one side is a van parked berth, but not in the berth in the van. There is no parking on the other side of the road, there are many vehicles parked illegally." Sheng said, along the way to see the car parked illegally parked on the ticket, only the van did not see. On the car with a big note, the first word of the note on the note, because the father suddenly onset ‘can not move the car in a timely manner’, that the child is particularly good, know that the vehicle is not parked illegally. In this car did not see a ticket, I was very moved, I think the police humane law enforcement, it took a photo shoot to the circle of friends." Last night, the reporter saw the owner of the van in the hospital ward Hu and his wife ms.. Mr. Hu is not aware of the right half of the body, the words are not clear. According to Ms. Cai introduced, in September 14th, Mr. Hu got up after some dizziness, arm also can not make the force, so she accompanied to the people’s hospital. "Just finished CT, the results have not come out, he collapsed, was sent to the resuscitation room, after several days of coma. The doctor said that brainstem hemorrhage, in critical condition notice. He was ill and I was worried. Then one day I think the car is still parked on the roadside, hurry to look at the past and found that the car has posted several tickets." Mr. Hu is the water purifier for installation and maintenance, Ms. Cai doing odd jobs, and her 16 year old daughter will not drive. "I said to my daughter," let’s write a note and explain the situation. We didn’t mean to stop." Ms. Choi yesterday afternoon to ask a friend to help, the van has been removed. Reporters learned from the Nanjing traffic police five brigade, the brigade has conducted an investigation, will do further processing for the actual situation. According to "Modern Express"相关的主题文章: