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MV   o Sa tear too; Rainie Yang cooperation tacit – Shenzhen Channel – original title: MV Sa, Rainie Yang too tear tacit cooperation Rainie Yang Rainie Yang MV will share the first directed by Rainie Yang "MV" produce beautiful results, just three days in the YouTube collection of millions of fans gave a high popularity, the super MV high evaluation, like mad key Rainie poke in singles, and even fans message of protest: "I hate you, Rainie Yang! Make me cry!" "Single" was named the 2016 best fans cry "tear out the Divine Comedy", and lonely singles alone fell dejected, Rainie hopes to borrow this song to all the single people in the face of "single" this matter, and to release the deepest pain, break down and cry. In October 5th, Rainie Yang for the first time the identity of the director to his "single" MV sharing, she said before the show "Mandala" drama, has been the initiation when the director wants to. The world record for Rainie director Lu has full of expectations, in order to encourage her in this way and strive for further improvement, especially with Rainie "director 100 kit, which includes a camera, director chair, director of barrel, the so-called decision, to do good work, must first sharpen his tools, universal expectations these professional can help with Rainie a helping hand," all day "and then upgrade the Almighty director turned some day in the future"! Rainie Yang directed at the beginning of the container in cooperation with the actress Sa Chariene Choi, no, two women and a guide. Sa is a full understanding, Rainie Muse goddess, give her endless inspiration! MV the day before the shooting, a Sa in the hotel accidentally fell and hurt his knee, Rainie immediately rushed to care about more than a Sa, a flash of inspiration can help a Sa and a clean cut their own play, for single women under independent comments. As for the application of Sa MV to listen to the radio in the plot, its inspiration from Rainie normal work back home, while cleansing will also listen to the radio, this is one of the best time to tidy up a mood Rainie, so she decided to join MV in this episode, the achievements of a Sa MV show the tear. Li Lie invited as "special guests" single MV share, she carried the film after affirmed to spare no effort, Rainie’s directorial debut, but also encouraged all the "Taiwan film fresh people to the road movie with enthusiasm to go step by step. Li Lie Spring Festival next year will launch her producer’s new year comedy "forgetful" village, the villagers Rainie close to the most practical "Bunao San goods" to "forget the village", help them fill the brain, enhance memory, so that memories of life — whether single or not — and don’t forget! Rainie Yang in October 22nd (six) held a new song concert, named "the audience" not tonight, 90 minutes of dialogue and music fans, Rainie in addition to deduce the new album "rings" said inside the new song, will interpret the classic songs over the years. The reason why the name is "no audience tonight," because this concert will be the scene of the audience together with the clever program, the use of stage design相关的主题文章: