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Travel-and-Leisure Vietnam borders to the east of the Indochina Peninsula thus give enormous opportunity for beach activities. Eastern side of the country is smoothly edged by golden sand beaches and the inner part of the nation is full of architectural beauties and natural landscapes. Celebrate your holidays in a fun-filled environment and make your moments memorable. Vietnam owns some of the wonderful beaches in the world. The clean and quiet beaches attract not only locals but also many European travelers. You can drench in the sunrays and get a perfect sun tan by taking up sunbathes on the beaches. Along with the silence of the untouched beaches there are also many water sports to enjoy. Rent a Kayak or surfing board to experience the thrill. Also try out scuba diving and see various rare species of fishes and marine life. Banana boat rides, wakeboarding, kite surfing, sailing and swimming are the other interesting beach fun activities in Vietnam. Peaceful environment to relax, greenery fields for walking, fresh air to breathe in, a rich heritage to know and a very old culture to celebrate makes Vietnam villages a must visit tourist spot. Taste the local food and watch the cultural and traditional performances performed by the locals in the villages. Make a sure trip to the capital city of Vietnam. Hanoi has many sightseeing spots and old heritage monuments to see. The city is remarkably known for its water puppet shows which should not be missed out for any cause. The Hanoi Flag Tower is a very old tower and has been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. There are many such architectural prides that occupy Hanoi. The Vietnam Womens Museum is the most visited place in the country. There are displays explaining the sacrifices and the devotions of the Vietnamese women to the nation. Stay in one of the Hanoi hotels near the tourist attractions and enjoy the trip. Hanoi has a great nightlife with rocking dance floors, pubs and more. Travel towards south to spend few days in the world famous Ho Chi Minh City. You can spend an evening in the cruise and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Saigon River. Enjoy the dance performances and dine-up for the Asian style dinner. There are many temples and pagodas portraying the culture, deities and the traditional style architecture. Book .fortable Ho Chi Minh City hotels near the interesting tourist locations and visit all the famous attractions in the city. The Saigon Opera House is a historical building which is the main highlight of the city. The theatre showcases many live international events and shows that are of world-class standards. Also watch some traditional style performances here. Ho Chi Minh also offers a great shopping experience. Go to the shopping malls and buy branded genuine items or wander around the street markets and buy everything starting from clothing to accessories at cheaper price. There are also many road side restaurants where you can dine to taste the traditional local foodstuffs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: