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Mount Huangshan issued the anti-corruption achievements 5 years to dispose of the county level cadres 268 people in Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network ( ) news; the day before, Huangshan City discipline inspection departments issued nearly five years of anti-corruption achievements. The city discipline inspection and supervision organs for investigation of illegal cases 1431, involving 35 cadres at county level, 251 level cadres. 1199 party and government discipline, involved in the county 31 cadres, 237 level cadres. Has dealt with a municipal government deputy secretary general Yu Liang, City Land Resources Bureau, former director of Zhang Yehua, former director of the Bureau of the city real estate Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Management Committee Yang Huizhong, former deputy party secretary Fang Biyun, former chairman of the CPPCC Du Chenwu Huizhou District, Qimen county Party committee standing Committee of the original, the former Secretary of politics and Law Committee Tang Dahui, Mount Huangshan District, former deputy mayor Huang Deshun and a number of serious violation of law the case. Aimed at poverty alleviation fund management, the transaction of public resources, project construction, approval, administrative enforcement, cadres and personnel in key areas and departments, seriously dealt with a number of duties will be bartering, destruction of the party and the government’s image and credibility of Woan, Chuanan, such as the mountain town of Qimen County, the former Secretary of the Party committee more than 10 people, former mayor of corruption, bribery case, the first occupation Senior High School of Xiuning County, the former president of the general affairs office, former director of the original financial staff 3 people including the embezzlement case, Xiuning County by the former director, former deputy director of the letter 5 people bribery, violation of property brokerage law case, Shexian, former director of supply and marketing cooperatives former deputy director of bribery, accepting gold case, judicial system corruption cases, the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Regional corruption cases etc.. The masses of corruption, land acquisition and demolition of housing, land transfer, such as strong in guaranteeing handling process as a key discipline review, found together with the investigation, a total of five years, and this kind of corruption more than 300 cases, involving the village "two committees" members of more than 100 people. In five years, a total of 428 people were talking to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, light punishment and discipline advice organizations dealing with 594 people, Party discipline and severe punishment proposed adjustment of 355 major duties. Since the "eight provisions" issued, the city dealt with issues related to 245, tissue processing   315 people, 143 people party and government discipline. The investigation of the 49 typical problems giving names public notification, to deter busted beat. At the same time, not only focus on the tube in place, strict to the part, but also pay attention to catch early grasping small, education to save cadres.   Xin’an evening news   Anhui network reporter Wu Yongquan editor: Wu Yuefeng相关的主题文章: