Motor vehicle inspection on December 1st extended not punishment inspection-lformat

Motor vehicle inspection on December 1st extended not punishment inspection inspection of vehicles police in the rain yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle in December 1st, the city public security departments will be extended to non motor vehicle inspection vehicle inspection and punishment. Overdue inspection vehicle on the road, or the 6 year exemption car fails to apply for inspection mark, shall be deducted 3 points, fined 200 yuan. In order to improve the rate of motor vehicle inspection, to create a good environment of road traffic safety, to ensure the public safety of life and property. According to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" the first paragraph of article thirteenth, article ninetieth, "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" Regulations for the implementation of article sixteenth, the Ministry of public security "motor vehicle registration" fifty-sixth fourth provisions of the Yichang Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Department of motor vehicle inspection vehicle was extended not strictly investigate illegal acts, according to the Hubei provincial road traffic safety code 13400, when the vehicle to be deducted 3 points, a fine of 200 yuan. In December 1st, the Yichang City motor vehicle inspection agencies need to upload the "penalty" in the vehicle inspection, and by vehicle traffic police department after the audit, to be signed vehicle inspection marks. 6 year exemption for non operating cars and other vehicles (before the two test cycle, from on-line detection) fails to apply for inspection marks, inspection marks in the city Cheguan Department signed, also the implementation of this provision. City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle to remind the majority of owners, vehicle inspection in the inspection before the expiration of three months, for you and other people’s life and property safety, please do not forget your car inspection time. Scan code "Chu Yichang", to understand the latest information!

12月1日起 机动车超期未年检上路先处罚再检验民警冒雨检验车辆昨日,记者从市公安局交警支队车管所获悉,12月1日起,市公安交管部门将对超期未进行机动车检验的车辆先处罚再检验。逾期未检的机动车上路行驶,或6年内免检车逾期未申领检验标志的,均予以扣3分、罚款200元的处罚。为提高机动车检验率,营造良好的道路交通安全环境,确保市民生命财产安全。根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》第13条第一款、第90条,《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法实施条例》第16条,公安部《机动车登记规定》第五十六条第四项之规定,宜昌市公安交管部门对超期未进行机动车检验的车辆严格查处,依据湖北省道路交通安全违法行为代码13400,予以当事车辆扣3分、罚款200元。12月1日起,宜昌市各机动车检验机构在这些车辆年检时需上传《处罚决定书》,并经交警车管部门审核通过后,才能予以签署机动车检验合格标志。6年内免检非营运轿车等车辆(前两个检验周期,免于上线检测)逾期未申领检验标志的,在全市车管部门签署检验合格标志时,同样执行这项规定。市公安局交警支队车管所提醒广大车主,车辆检验可以在年检期满前三个月内进行,为了您和他人的生命财产安全,请勿忘记您的爱车检验时间。 扫码“大楚宜昌”,了解本地最新资讯!相关的主题文章: