Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Market narrow bottom, stock – fund channel to

Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund: the narrow market bottom, the stock market to price – fund channel comments: Hot persistent lack of market activity remained low in the past four weeks, A shares overall sideways trend, and accompanied by a decline in turnover, the Shanghai index for four consecutive weeks amplitude below 2%, significantly below the historical average weekly amplitude. Recent lack of performance of listed companies, hot topics and other driving forces to support the market upward, while the capital side, the majority of investors holding a wait-and-see attitude, incremental funding is limited. At the end of August, the company listed in the report published in the stock market, and make the appropriate digestion for company financial data, enter the month, the market entered a sustained period sideways. At the same time, the recent addition to PPP, PM2.5 and other beautiful China, hot investment theme continuity is not strong, the market sentiment is not the effective diffusion, capital participation will decline, in contrast, today’s real estate market attractive for residents of wealth is more intense. A stock market investor risk appetite recently affected by external factors, including political events such as the Fed rate hike process and regional factors all have significant effects on the A shares, including the global risk asset prices. On Monday September 12th, A shares tiaokongdikai partly reflect on a week before the Fed officials hawkish remarks. At the same time, Apple’s iPhone7 is expected to support the sale of positive data, in September 14th the concept of A shares of Apple’s overall performance of the underlying stocks, and help the market rose. The Fed rate hike schedule and the presidential election has become a systematic influence factors of global A, the A-share market has not spared, for linkage with the world’s other high risk assets. The next period of time, in the absence of incremental funding, the market activity remained low in the background, the main economic factors the central bank monetary policy and domestic economic data, the capital market regulatory policy and exchange rate movements are likely to bring to the market disturbance. For investors, on the one hand to maintain a moderate position level, as far as possible to reduce the negative impact of external events, on the other hand to focus on the future, keep a positive attitude and patience, calmly choice of industry fundamentals and good stocks subject. The fund manager of the city: the narrow market bottom, the stock market last week to continue to focus on cost within a narrow range, the Shanghai Composite Index Tuesday September 20th fluctuated only about 12 points, a record single day since 2002 the history of minimum amplitude. 05 years since the Shanghai composite index monthly mean amplitude of 12.7%, Zhou Zhenfu’s historical average of 5.2%, but since April this year, the monthly mean amplitude narrowed to 5.7% in recent weeks, this feature is more obvious, showing the market into a narrow range of the waiting period. The market is usually observed in amplitude narrowed source into the macro background of a waiting period of 1-5 months of 2013 and October 2013 -14 year in June two amplitude narrowed, the background is also the macro side into the placid calm period. At the same time, the market volatility narrowed, which means that investor confidence in the doldrums, the gradual decline in enthusiasm for the transaction, which is a typical feature of the market to find the bottom. From the history of the current exchange rate.相关的主题文章: