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Mobile phone digital camera Nikon Japan is out of thousands of layoffs accounted for 10% of the digital camera has eliminated the film camera and the "old Kodak", but now, the intelligent mobile phone camera and camera features are out of digital cameras, digital camera manufacturers including Nikon, has been caught in a dilemma, forced to start the transformation. Nikon will lay off 1000 people in Japan, accounted for a number of employees. The layoffs will be completed in the next two to three years, Nikon’s internal business and employees are affected by the digital camera and a loss of semiconductor business. Nikon will conduct business restructuring transformation, medical equipment and other areas of growth prospects. In northwestern Japan, Nikon has a factory that produces semiconductor lithography systems, which are being cut off by employees who will be offered early retirement. It is reported that within the next two to three years, all of Nikon’s layoffs and restructuring costs will be up to hundreds of millions of dollars. In the fiscal year ending March next year, Nikon had forecast net profit growth of 64%, reaching $287 million, but Nikon is likely to miss this goal. In the past few years, Nikon’s profits have fallen sharply, such as last year’s profit of only 1/4 in 2007. According to reports, Nikon’s main profit growth for the fiscal year, from the Chinese market for LCD and organic light-emitting diode display (OLED) manufacturing equipment. In the current performance is still stable, Nikon decided to conduct business restructuring, while the digital camera business contraction, the company will expand investment in the field of medical equipment. Last year, Nikon has acquired a British Medical Image Company. In 1990s, Nikon has been a manufacturer of semiconductor lithography system is the largest in the world, but in the past few years, Nikon in the market competition, losing to Holland rival ASML company, share to a loss of the Nikon business is also a loss. In the digital camera business, in the past three years, Nikon’s revenue plunged by 30% in fiscal year 2015 total revenue of $5 billion camera. In addition to Nikon and other Japanese digital camera manufacturers day is also quite difficult. Ricoh Co has announced the closure of a camera factory, in addition to the company’s back office business restructuring, improve efficiency. Canon Co has adjusted its performance for the fiscal year, the 2016 fiscal year profit net profit will decline by 25%. It is reported that Canon’s camera and printer business also declined. Many years ago, the digital camera had eliminated the film camera, but now the digital camera is facing the fate of being eliminated by the smart phone. As everyone knows is that the intelligent mobile phone shooting performance more and more powerful, more and more, the pixel camera function more and more powerful, in the new mobile phone released this year, apple first launched a dual camera, it can achieve bokeh, realize the past only can realize the function of SLR camera. Before Apple, HUAWEI and other manufacturers have also launched a dual function. Traditionally, the smart phone is considered to be a card type digital camera killer, SLR camera is still promising, and now, the smartphone has even threatened the living space of SLR cameras. According to the statistics of the Japan International camera imaging equipment industry association.相关的主题文章: