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Miserable! Thunder general right of acute fractures without specific return time, less left behind Oklahoma City who is the most happy? Partner Penn car excited a flurry of injury is not optimistic in September 30th Tencent Payne sports news (the Tim MacMahon ESPN writer) thunder official announced today, defender Cameron Payne foot acute fracture, and no specific return time. As a substitute to Westbrook Payne, the new season is expected to play an important role, if he is out for a long time, the thunder’s rotation will no doubt be affected. Payne began in the US local time Tuesday’s practice match were injured in the accident, a diagnosis of his injury, the team will be a sprained ankle, but on the second day after the morning, Payne feel sore right foot, then the examination found that his right foot acute fracture. In July of this year, Payne’s fifth metatarsal in his right foot had Jones fracture, he subsequently underwent surgery to repair, because the injury is not serious, so it does not affect Jones to participate in the training camp. Now, however, Jones’s right foot is again a problem. According to thunder official sources, the two foot Jones fractures are not related, in the summer when the injury is a stress fracture, and now this is the collision fracture, it is unclear whether Jones will accept another surgery, he re evaluation of trauma in the next week, to determine the specific recovery date. Payne’s ankle seems to have become the Achilles heel, in March of this year, he felt sore feet, then he reduced the training, and the rest of the season on the boot offseason, Jones played in the summer league, but the ankle pain has not improved, eventually he and the team decided to repair the Jones fracture surgery. In the summer, great changes have taken place in the thunder squad, Kevin Durant to flee the Warriors also allows the team to enter into a new era, after leaving Durant, Penn is expected to assume a greater role in the offense, as a substitute to Westbrook Payne, is an important part of the rotation, and he’s looking little partner in the new season and Wei, but because the Penn ankle injury, his future is with great uncertainty. If the start of the new season Payne not debut, so this summer has just signed veteran Preiss will play the role of the bench less wei. The 22 year old Penn height 1 meter 88, is the 2015 NBA draft pick fourteenth show last season for the thunder, Payne played 57 games, starting 1 games, averaging 5 points and 1.9 assists, he always acts as the role of partner Wei few before the game, the two magic dance become a scenery on the field. This is not the first to face thunder players’ feet Jones fracture problem, in the 2014-15 season, Durant’s right foot on the implementation of the three operation, eventually he missed 55 games, but the thunder said, the current circumstances and Durant Payne is completely different. In Oklahoma City, they also look forward to Penn will return as soon as possible, after all, the team is really vulnerable. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: