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Mio Mio recorder C country line version listed international brand car equipment suppliers: MiTAC’s "Mio Mio", in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Hongkong, Taiwan and the mainland market China the successful launch of the MiVue sixth generation of high performance and rich function for car recorder products, and in Taiwan in June 2016 in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Americas region launched the popularity of products, the product code for the MiVue C series. Since the listing has accumulated more than 200 thousand units shipped. Mio official said, is China testing and certification arrangements in accordance with China, wildly beating gongs and drums regulations, such as mandatory 3C, anti electromagnetic interference (EMI) certification work, now has entered the countdown stage listed in this year, double 11 before officially on the Chinese mainland market. Continental models: MiVue C360 and C370. Mio internal call it: small C. Because of the small mini body style is their biggest selling point, the company dedicated to AIT 8328D smart chip developed by Mio, the specifications will be lower than the MiVue 6 series by AIT 8328P, but the main frequency has reached 600MHz. Because the 6 series, after all, can support the front and rear dual lens Full HD 1080P compression capability and support for external tire pressure equipment, while the small C can only be used as a single traffic recorder. As the Mio is started by GPS equipment international brands Mio, two types of small C will have a MiVue will be like in the 6 series of high-end models, with GPS positioning function, can satisfy the real-time speed, such as: track record remind GPS auxiliary function. But I do not know the small C did not like the MiVue 6 series of high-end models with ADAS safe driving auxiliary function, this is still to wait until the official listing of small C National Bank after the details. But the price of C may refer to the European version of the same, take the people first line, after all, the cost is the first magic final consumers tempted. It is understood that the small C listed in Europe priced at 69-89 euros. MiVue 6 series 129-199 euros than the price to be much lower, Mio for the popularity of the market under the martial arts. Look at Europe and Taiwan version of the small C using the F1.8 large aperture, 12.7 inch 6+1 image sensor, the high transmittance glass lens, angle of 130 degrees, the definition should be the same and MiVue 6 series, 10-15 meters in can clearly see the license plate information. Low prices can be seen with the basic functions of small C, or to meet the needs of most customers. Mainland version is not used in this configuration, let us wait and see.     Mio Global Marketing Director: Allen Tsai told us that in the foreign market tachograph in recent years to demand is very large, far beyond Mio’s expectations, but the foreign market tachograph user habits analysis, is mainly used to record the scenery along the way and drove the incident record and Chinese mainland market anti pengci.相关的主题文章: