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Mike Roy new wooden even farther than just putting Baba Emmanuel Mike Roy using the distance of a new wood even farther than the Baba Watson sina sports news Beijing time on October 28th, super long hitter McElroy Thursday into a new wooden ball on the package, but this for other people a bad news, because he is in the tee distance farther away. It’s a pity that the cold push makes it impossible for Northern Ireland to top the Premier League championship. But the FedEx Cup championship kick-off really dazzling. Mike Roy and Baba – a group of Watson, who is one of the most distant players. But his eyes saw Mike Roy with new wooden through him, eventually hand over 71, Par 1, behind leader riccard (Rikard Karlberg) – kalberg 7 bar. Mike Roy’s ball supplier Nike decided earlier this year to stop making clubs, which means that Roy Roy can choose the most suitable weapons for himself. This week, he first used on M2, the club Jensen dey and Dustin Johnson also used. "I feel my kick is very good," the world third Mike Roy said, "look, my tee is very good, very happy to see the ball flying to the place where you want to go." When Roy Mike practiced in Dubai last week made a photo, shown above he used new clubs can hit more than 330 yards away. "I will say no to this cue, I’m Adam Scott, behind Watson, now I can go beyond two, this is definitely a positive thing," Mike Roy said, "especially when the match condition so soft, it is still a long distance in the sky. I hope this will be my advantage in the next few days." McElroy before the game about the exit of the Nike club manufacturing industry. "I’m sorry for those who spend a lot of time trying to make good clubs. But on the other hand, it gives me a bit of freedom to take a look at other options, "he said." now I can use the club that is best for me. Therefore, it is possible that a certain brand of wood, different brands of three wood, other brands of irons, different digging rods and different putter. Now I’m still in transition." (wind)相关的主题文章: