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Mexico cup Asul analysis: the overall strength of more tough – Sohu Asul vs Castro 20162017 Mexico spring cup zakat semi will game time: 2016-09-28 Wednesday 10:00 crown handicap: 0.85 hemisphere ball 1.01 Wade handicap: 0.84 hemisphere ball 0.99 Mingsheng 3.85 odds: 1.65 4.30 1.67 3.80 4.75 data Ladbrokes: [news score data 1], the network point of view, Asul and Za Carter Cass in the race had no hands. 2, Asul this season in Mexico playing in general, currently 12 points ranked thirteenth. Their recent game is not stable, the last round away 0-0 and Tagg Reis playing ping, nearly 5 battles achieved 1 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses. 3, Asul recently home defeat frequently, eating 2 consecutive defeats, nearly 5 home games lost 3 games. 4, Za Carter Cass’s performance this season in Mexico B well, topped the first with 23 points. The team recently performed well, won 2 consecutive victories, and in the last round of the league is 2-0 victory over garfield. 5, Za Carter Cass away ability has increased, nearly 6 away games only 3 Ping 3 negative. [] the main asian handicap analysis company in half chupan upper water opening, shortly after the crown company did not adjust. Asul in the competition for Mexico to find the fight, the overall strength is clearly above and is based in the Castro, home court advantage, and Gambling company directly half low handicap out, tendency home clear, but also reduce the upper plate water level is moderate, ran out of resistance. If the market remains to maintain this disk, the hanging upside is worth watching. SMG recommended: 3 disc recommended: Azul -0.75

墨西哥杯分析:阿苏尔整体实力更大强硬-搜狐  阿苏尔vs扎卡特卡斯   2016 2017墨西杯春半准决   比赛时间:2016-09-28 星期三 10:00   皇冠盘口:0.85 半球 一球 1.01   伟德盘口:0.84 半球 一球 0.99   明升赔率:1.65 3.85 4.30   立博国际:1.67 3.80 4.75   【捷报比分数据】   1、捷报网数据来看,阿苏尔与扎卡特卡斯没有在正式比赛中交过手。   2、阿苏尔今季在墨西哥联打的一般,目前积12分排名第13位。他们近期比赛发挥不稳定,上轮客场0-0与塔格雷斯踢平,近5仗取得了1胜2平2负。   3、阿苏尔近来主场频频失利,吃到了2连败,在近5个主场输足3场。   4、扎卡特卡斯今季在墨西哥乙表现出色,以23分高居第一名。球队近来表现出色,拿到2连胜,而在上轮联赛是2-0完胜加菲泰。   5、扎卡特卡斯客场能力有等提高,近6个客场比赛只有3平3负。   【亚洲盘口分析】   各主流公司初盘多以半一上盘中水开盘,后市阶段皇冠等公司没有调整。阿苏尔在竞争更激烈的墨西哥联找拼,整体实力显然在扎卡特卡斯之上,何况是坐镇主场优势明显,而博彩公司直接半一不低盘口开出,倾向主队明确,而且上盘水位适中,减轻上盘跑出阻力。若后市依旧维持此盘,本场上盘值得看好。   竞彩推荐:3   亚盘推荐:阿苏尔-0.75相关的主题文章: