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Mercedes Benz global design director is how to practice? – Sohu near the end of the car, is not a lot of people are going to start preparing for their annual summary? For example: I am 39 this year, I am in XX company, this year’s performance is…… Today, the president of the rut to introduce this crazy car, as early as in 2008 to write such a summary: I am 39 years old, I became the global design director of Benz Corp…… The current global design director – the bad brother is the Benz Corp — Gordon · Wagner (Gorden Wagener). In September 3, 1968, Gordon was born in Essen, Germany (Essen). Interestingly, the German Wagner (Wagener) is the body of the manufacturing plant (coachbuilder) mean. Gordon grew up in the home of the University of Essen (University of Essen) to learn "industrial design". 1994, Gordon went to the Royal College of Art, London (Royal College of Art) majoring in traffic design professional, he later entered the automotive industry to lay the foundation. After graduation, Gordon has worked as a designer in the Frankfurt studio of General Company, Mazda, and volkswagen. In 1997, he entered the Mercedes · Benz Corp. From then on he began to hang the life. He was appointed head of design Benz Design America appearance interior design department after two years, the Benz GL level, M and R in design. In 2006, he was appointed senior design director of Mercedes Benz North America, mainly responsible for the California studio for North America’s advanced products and display car design. The following year, he was promoted to senior director of strategic senior design. The summer of 2008, with the former chief designer Peter Benz · Pafeirui (Peter Pfeiffer) retired, 39 year old Gordon was appointed as the chief designer of benz. From entering the company to become the chief designer, Gordon only took less than 11 years. The rocket ride promotion speed, only can be compared, estimated to number between the Qing Dynasty and Chinese it to say the less than 40 years old Gordon hedeheneng, can sit on the throne of Benz chief designer, we can see some clues from his philosophy. Mercedes Benz invented the car, it is also the world’s most valuable car brand. Mercedes Benz brand represents a superior, stylish, mature sports spirit, elegant and innovative, but also with safety, reliability and high quality. Design: Mercedes Benz designers should think that, after 30 years, still can see their own models designed in the street. Retro design is always right, we can not simply copy the current fashion elements, but we have to look from the modern point of view, and give the car a new connotation. Me i!相关的主题文章: