Meranti has caused many casualties in Fujian and other places affected by serious news –

"Meranti" has caused many casualties in Fujian and other places affected by severe typhoon news – Sohu, Xiamen street is a mess. Figure IC East yesterday is the Mid Autumn Festival, Xiamen had suffered this year, the world’s strongest typhoon "Meranti" frontal assault. This is the largest since 1949 landing typhoon Fujian, landing near the center of the largest wind 15 (48 m / sec, typhoon). Super typhoon has caused much damage to many, many casualties. At present, although the intensity of the typhoon has weakened, but will still bring heavy rain in East China provinces. The typhoon disaster caused many deaths disappeared in September 14th, "Meranti" first landing in Taiwan, causing serious damage, leading to the island’s 1 people were killed and 51 wounded, nearly 1 million power outages. On the morning of 15 3 05, "Meranti" in Xiamen Xiangan coastal landing, landing near the center of the largest wind 15 (48 m / sec, typhoon). Due to coincide with the astronomical tide period, causing the wind, rain, tide and its secondary disasters superimposed. It is understood that the wind on the island of Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Bridge to reach more than 17, a record high since meteorological records, damage greatly exceed the 1999 No. 14 typhoon, serious losses. Lead the island blackout, the island part of the local power outage; 113 houses collapsed and damaged roads, water 195, crops affected area of 300 acres, 350 thousand trees lodging, was stranded 5 merchant ships into the anchorage shelter, transfer of personnel 46327 people. After the typhoon, Xiamen street is a mess, many sections of water seriously, a large number of vehicles flooded, rows of trees. Xiamen airport is a Boeing 767 also by the wind to hit the fence, damaged the fuselage. "Meranti" also bring different disasters to other places in Fujian. According to the release of the disaster report confirmed that many people have been injured or missing. 9 am yesterday, a city with a history of 800 years of the "Fujian Quanzhou Xianqiao bridge has been destroyed. Beijing to Fujian train service according to the understanding, affected by the typhoon, 14 of Fujian’s six coastal districts in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens will be closed one day, Fujian and sea passenger routes fully suspended. Fujian coastal evacuation of 32137 fishing boats, fishing rafts transferred to the staff of 19080 people, the transfer of all personnel on board Fuzhou south of the ship, a total of 60915 people. From 14 PM onwards, the Nanchang Railway Bureau to start flood prevention station II level emergency response, outage from September 14th to the end of the tube to the end of the passenger train in the 188 column of origin to the end of 17. Fujian Province, the province’s provincial road passenger transport routes suspended and sent to Xiamen, Zhangzhou and other places in the province 512 shifts. September 16th, the XiaMen Railway Station launched the universal speed train outage. In addition, the reporter learned from the Beijing Railway Bureau, yesterday, the typhoon "Meranti" impact, Beijing south, Xiamen North G323 2, G325 4, G355 6, Xiamen, Beijing West K572 times, Beijing south, Tianjin West G9007 times, Tianjin West, Beijing South G8912 train outage. Today, Beijing West Xiamen train outage. Follow up road相关的主题文章: