Meng Huiyuan’s Chinese singles achievements by predecessors praised superstar (video)-helmet怎么读

Meng Huiyuan’s Chinese singles achievements by predecessors "superstar Meng Huiyuan praised the people!" MV Tencent entertainment news the day before, a hot topic in the micro-blog, triggered a strong "stubborn effect" of the "Super Girls" Meng Huiyuan turned gorgeous. Farewell to the "Super Girls" stage after refusing to give up music by virtue of personal determination and excellent singing skills, leading the "super girl" published "to surrender", single individual "! ", became the dream on the road confused young people’s spiritual mentor, guide people to face their own inner struggle and that, facing the dream to positive thinking, bravely. Individual single "don’t surrender" and "people ah! All from the hands of the masters. Taiwan new music and lyrics and producer Zhang Junwei made to surrender "Jane" in the well-known producer Ou Dingyu Ma Yufen and the teacher under the guidance of the teacher, Meng Huiyuan played a personal voice characteristics, sang her wander situation of conviction "stubborn" voice. Abandon skill and treble too much, Meng Huiyuan is all for myself, for young people indulge in the dream on the road. "Surrender" to the network also caused a strong reaction, "stubborn girl don’t surrender" has become a hot topic of micro-blog, single degree of gratifying achievements and personal video hits shows between the lines, published frequently soaring harvest coffee predecessors praised, "stubborn forces" can not be sharp when! And "want to surrender" to start a different dream, "ah! "From the city people’s feelings as a starting point, floating and eager to watch people, the hearts of everyone for free and emotional insecurity, with contradictions, and loss of emptiness, loneliness, vulnerability…… And so the innermost expression. "Popular music" Lala Hsu and the famous musician NIKECHEN teamed up to create the Swiss masterpiece, is also "stubborn sister" Meng Huiyuan perfect interpretation. Man ah! "The trailer was released on eagerly, the majority of fans and friends of the 20 day," ah! The full version of the lyrics MV will also officially exposed the whole network. The same "stubborn" deduction, a different surprise, "stubborn girl" Meng Huiyuan and many may not have been identified, is also looking forward to fans! As a leader in 2016 issued "Super Girls" single individual players, Meng Huiyuan has in his music was the first step on the road to ease, "surrender", single "ah! "Will be the beginning of her musical journey the most beautiful and the most wonderful, listen to her voice, I believe she will use their own" stubborn strength "is a great boost for Chinese music! The road of music is just starting frequency for teachers blessing big coffee help, so good "popularity" and her "lovely natural" style are inseparable, in "people ah! A complete version of the song "MV online time, also wish the" stubborn girl "Meng Huiyuan can always adhere to their own heart, in the music on the road more walk more smoothly!相关的主题文章: