Meng Fei talk about the early years of long hair as a result of hair loss due to hair loss-lata-01

Meng Fei on the early long hair is posing for hair shaved SETV administrative micro-blog Meng Feixuan hair Sina poster screenshot for entertainment news recently, Southeast TV official micro-blog released a "Meng Feixuan hairstyle" fun poster, Meng Fei as the new reality show southeast TV interview "Lu Yu about" the big coffee a day guests talk about in the program when you’re young, with long hair, it is during the early exposure of the "long hair" according to the work. Meng Fei’s fun posters and long hair photo, sparked a lot of discussion and attention of users, there are users ridicule Meng Meng’s hair is also playing bad, and more friends joked to help Meng grandfather choose a new hairstyle. Mention Meng Fei, the iconic bald images will be vividly in front of the popular image, however, most of the audience does not know, Meng Fei’s youth is "long hair". Meng Fei in "Lu Yu about big coffee day" program in an interview with Lu Yu recently, talking about their own youth with long hair, as a journalist, he felt that the hair can make you have a sense of achievement, to meet the young when their own vanity, because at that time the reporter will generally stay long hair and beard "posing". It is understood that, when Meng Fei was a reporter, because of the long-term fatigue, work pressure, began to hair loss, and later simply shaved head, so it has the iconic image of the bald head. The southeast TV administrative micro-blog is "to" issued a "Meng Feixuan hairstyle" such interesting posters, causing netizens hot constantly immediately, have said Meng Fei had long hair and a bald head image now great contrast, there are friends joked, "to be added to help create a new image of Meng grandfather" of the army among them, such as "Grandpa Meng long hair and waist" together to help him build a new hairstyle. It is reported that "Lu Yu about big coffee day" in Southeast TV prime time broadcast every Friday night at 21:10.相关的主题文章: