Melon used car announced a round of financing over $250 million

The seeds of the second-hand car announced A round of financing over 250 million dollars in new network on 13 September, September 13th Chinese news, the largest second-hand car business platform seeds of second-hand car straight sell network in Beijing held a press conference on the first anniversary of the line brand new. At the meeting, the seeds of second-hand car made a summary of the achievements made in the past year, also announced that the seeds of second-hand car wheel A over $250 million of total financing, a second-hand car electricity supplier in the field of single financing amount is the highest, A round of financing scale most, is in the more generous financing rare winter capital season.   conference, the seeds of second-hand car straight sell network Hao Yang Chung CEO announced the official opening of the famous film star Honglei Sun as brand ambassador, also announced that it will continue in the coming year invested 1 billion yuan in the brand level, by the spokesperson Honglei Sun brand influence, consolidate the depth of secondhand car in the leading brand Chinese seeds of second-hand car industry status. Yang Haoyong scene said: over the past year, the performance of the used car melon seeds have been recognized by users and industry. In 2017, the seeds will be completed three strategic goals: to become the entrance platform used car electricity supplier, the monthly turnover of 100 thousand +; the depth distribution of automotive finance, smart financial cloud platform more than 300 partners; to strengthen the technical capacity of big data, business data through insight into consumer behavior driven business innovation and upgrading. The seeds of second-hand cars a year overtaking seeds second-hand car straight sell network officially launched in September 27, 2015, only one year has grown into the largest second-hand car business platform China, and create a number of first in the industry. Yang Haoyong said, melon seeds can achieve industry leader position in just one year, cannot do without seeds of second-hand car seven advantages – in the capital level to guard against arrogance and keep awe; build a strong brand advantage; the depth of the layout of the national market to expand the scale; leading to confidence; honest heart at ease financial stick with the product technology industry; belief; talents gathered together entrepreneurs insist. At present, the seeds in the sale of personal car second-hand car real-time source more than 120 thousand sets, is the first in the industry; covering 28 provinces, 179 City, through satellite city strategy service covers 208 City, city expansion growth continued to maintain the industry first; in the 179 City seeds covered in the main second-hand car, there are 170 City Trading Volume for the industry first; more than 1500 people in the evaluation team according to the size of the first industry, the overall service capacity and no one can. Brand Millward Brown, the leading global marketing consulting agency (Hua Tongming) "2016Q2 second-hand car brand health tracking research report pointed out:" in reference to the sale of second-hand car, 58% of people think the seeds of second-hand car first, in the main city, every 10 people have 8 people know the seeds of second-hand car brand. Similarly, data from other well-known institutions will not shake the status of the industry of seeds of second-hand car provides a factual basis for sails: Analysys data show that second-hand car APP seeds users daily living capacity of 1 million 249 thousand and 800 people, ranking the industry first; iresearch.相关的主题文章: