Maxed circle of friends, flame drunk goose quickly jump red city – and Sohu ca1805

Maxed circle of friends, "flame drunk goose" quickly jump red city – Sohu and the recent circle of friends was almost "flame drunk goose" maxed out at the cold, the flame whirring, thinking is the aroma of fluttering feeling, I have to try! Addressing, in Hanguangmen! Look at the name of a very attractive, called "Guan Tang Chen Ji flame drunk goose"! Guangdong is a place in Chaozhou District, Chen Ji, which means a man surnamed Chen opened! At the door, full of the taste of Hongkong! Look at the introduction, oh, really southern dishes! Then sit down to taste! His family’s food divided into appetizers, entrees, rinse dishes! Before the main dish of stewed goose goose wing Sambo Smoked Chicken osmanthus chestnut, preserved egg roll? Guests before the goose cooked (about 20 minutes) process, drink a little wine appetizer! The flame of the classic goose! The flame goose approach appears to be simple, but high requirements for cooking. Because of its cooking process is completed in the eyes of consumers, the state of flame combustion, more like a performance. Dry pot stir fry onion ginger garlic and stir flavor into the gas in advance cooked to 8 mature goose meat and stir fry into the bottle of 29 Shiwan rice wine cover to be slightly lighter after SAIC a dozen side light alcohol flame on the pot edge, emitting a strong smell, spewing flame tens of centimeters high the spectacular scenes. To put out the fire, burning pot and alcohol, opened the lid, add cooking fried chestnut, after a period of time plus the garlic bolt and other seasonings, then can taste the goose entrance, chewy taste, soft waxy chestnut fragrance. Rice is a staple food! With the domestic Roasted Goose juice poured on soft waxy Steamed Rice, the taste is what you said! Try drunk goose, drink a little wine, drunk! At this time, with beautiful goose soup nourishing soup, boiled vegetables, a good taste of Guangdong nourishing buffei! The per capita 60+ in Hanguangmen in 200 meters east of Kwun Tong Chen Ji相关的主题文章: