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Master the necessary conditions for pregnancy, pregnant baby is not difficult! Sohu to maternal childbearing, birth to a healthy baby is every couple wishes, however pregnancy is a complex physiological process, you need to have what kind of conditions to produce a healthy fetus? How to determine the quality of eggs? One of the conditions of conception is the normal ovary. The egg is a germ cell, produced by the ovaries of the female. Each woman was born when the egg already exists in the ovary, but only with the increase of age, the development of the body, the egg will be mature, modern women, generally to 12, about 13 years old have menstruation, then the egg began to emerge; generally speaking, each month from women a good egg, because of its small volume, so we in life by ultrasound in monitoring follicle size to determine the quality of eggs, under normal circumstances, the follicle diameter at 18-25mm has been mature, came out of the egg, and once the sperm will nurture the embryo. Is there a lot of sperm per ejaculate? Two of the condition is normal semen and normal sperm. Normal male semen volume was 2-6 ml, the number of sperm per milliliter semen should be more than 20 million, the ability to move more than 60% sperm. Such as sperm can not meet the above criteria, the woman will be difficult to conceive. Normal sperm tadpole shape, the head of the cylindrical, slender tail, such as flagella, the body can be free to reach the body. Men and women in every time after her millions of sperm into the female vagina, fall over each other to around swimming for egg. Only a small part of strong vitality and fast speed, good endurance of sperm through the cervix, uterus, fallopian tube and other layers of screening, to find an egg, however, this is not the end, many tests also need to receive eggs, only a strong and healthy sperm is selected, fuse with the egg to form the zygote. In ovulation period of normal AA life, what should be paid attention to? Three of the pregnancy is a normal life. If the sperm and eggs as the internal factors of conception, so it should belong to the external factors. Normal husband and wife life is the premise of sperm egg can meet. How to call it normal? With 2-3 times a week, and the next day or once a day in the ovulation period. In general, the sperm in the female body can survive 2-3 days 12-24 hours, egg survival in vivo during ovulation day and 5 days before her pregnancy rate is highest, sooner or later will make the probability of decline in sperm egg encounter. So do not rule her number or long separated, pregnant odds is very small, you know, only one row of eggs each month, each time only one (except for special circumstances), the same number is too small or not enough law, the union of sperm and egg probability is much smaller, only a reasonable rule of conjugal life. The sperm and the egg in order to have the greatest chance to meet. Sperm egg on behalf of a smooth pregnancy? Five of the fertilization condition, the fertilized eggs are transported smoothly to the uterine cavity. The strongest and most powerful sperm and egg.相关的主题文章: