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Master: the market consolidation period Kanpan shelter edge – Sohu financial Sohu securities August hearing today in early trading stock index opened flat, Shen Chengzhi opened, two city is diving then index finishing at 3060 points near the opening, all day long volatility, trading two stock markets both fell, on the surface and no heat of the Sohu stock master view: Wang Guoqiang Island: one aspect of this form of technical analysis is analysis of inversion, the use of any one aspect of technical analysis are not mechanical, especially in the market in the finishing period, the more bearish atmosphere pay attention may turn slowly, so standing in the long view, only short-term you need to temporarily avoid short edge, edge mainly refers to the gap appeared after 4 days after the next Wednesday, short edge, it is necessary to pay attention to multi copy The bottom may come, this time just before the opening of the G20 meeting 2, 3 trading days coincide. Mo Shu said: under the stimulation of the stock of bad and do not break down in technical position, there is no need to stop to leave the flesh, because the overall trend has not any change, investors only need to control the position, waiting for the right opportunity to low back, good rolling operation. Tamana: recently for everyone to do a lot of mining value stocks, the stock market is now the end of the weight, value stocks opportunity, including the pre introduced and into new, Zhejiang medicine, one hundred foreign shares today are contrarian rebound, and the formation of the resistance breakthrough, it also shows that with the adjustment of the bargain hunting the behavior of funds. Strategy, investors hand to avoid the heavyweights before the trap, on the other hand do not change the value of the shares, remains low pattern, after all in the slow bear market, only the value of the shares will gradually reflect the stability of the opportunity. In the afternoon from the trend, since the market hit a low of 3041 in early trading after the shock rebound. At noon to undertake analysis, due to early fall appeared to accelerate and peatlands, indicates that the flesh disk appeared to leave the phenomenon, which makes the start point 3140 down trend is expected to come to an end, with the continued recovery in the afternoon market, there is reason to believe that the market is expected to appear next short-term rebound. I got today shares close below the daily 3070 key points, to close out the lower band gap volume of the small Yin hanging neckline, the trend is weak, has gone bad may belong to the middle state. Close tomorrow K-line, opened this week in 3107, this week almost overcast to change up. Tomorrow whether the new low, whether it can be completely recovered today in the gap, not allowed to close below the 20 line under the premise, to recover the daily 3070 key points to reduce the midline may go bad. Tomorrow aspect: the attitude of heavyweights, the volume and price relationship is benign. The IF wind vane. Li Maolin: for the afternoon, but the first is more optimistic, because the main digging is a big opportunity; second is to attract outside capital into chips; again is the operation rules of band box is broken; in order to stand, when all the people are not optimistic about the market, has been on the road! Market outlook focused on the bottom of peatlands varieties. Contrarian defensive varieties, four varieties of flowering line; strategy, and gradually grasp the structural main rhythm.相关的主题文章: