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[map] Geely imperial GL Car Buying manual – Sohu automobile Sohu [] with the new car joint venture brands dropping prices, for the independent brand blindly retreat has no meaning, build quality frontal attack is the survival of the road ahead. In September 20, 2016, Geely imperial GL officially listed as a new model of the positioning of Geely brand strategy, starting price of 78 thousand and 800 yuan and A+ car that it will be directed at the joint venture brand. But with the body size and configuration advantages, imperial GL also has a good competitive power, can be said to be the future car field after Geely Dorsett new growth point. Which in the listing of the 7 models which is the most recommended? Here we resolve for you. – to positioning cover market segments, at present, the independent brand basic to the entry level + standard compact compact + medium (A-, A, B) of the products covered car market layout. In the imperial GL before the listing, Geely also to + + brilliant lineup of imperial vision maintained the traditional layout. With the imperial GL listed, positioning its A+ will open up new market segments between imperial and brilliant. – Overview – configuration analysis models mentioned above, the difference of basic parameters of the imperial GL mainly concentrated in power, for consumers will first determine buy 1.3T models or 1.8L models. While the two imperial power configuration, GL also gives a different focus, which 1.8L models contain entry configuration models, the top model is only equivalent to the entry-level 1.3T models, so the price is low, and the count of 3000 yuan manufacturers purchase tax subsidies, the overall pays more attention to the price, for a limited budget relative friend; and 1.3T the initial configuration models of high top models is reached 113 thousand and 800 yuan, for the budget and friends have asked for the power and configuration. And we will analyze the two powertrain models for you to choose. (Editor: Li Wei)相关的主题文章: