Many bank staff said small denomination currency tight best in advance shuyue

Many bank staff said small denomination currency tight best advance Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! A number of small denomination bank foreign currency "tight" staff said "the best days in advance booking" – reporter Peng Yan recently prepared to travel to Hongkong, want to change some small denomination of HK is convenient to use, did not expect that most banks have said only HK $1000 bills, to how to change some small denomination of hk!" Ms. Chen, who lives in Beijing, Haidian District to the Securities Daily reporters complained. Recently, this reporter visited a number of banks in Beijing found that the majority of banks are the existence of a small amount of foreign exchange difficulties. However, the state-owned big firms relative to small banks, foreign currency are more, the number of small foreign currency value but also more convenient; with a bank of different branches of small denomination currency exchange is not necessarily the same. Small foreign currency supply "now can exchange small denomination dollars, Hong Kong dollars and euros?" Recently, this reporter to swap the identity of customers with the same problem in a number of banks in line consulting. In the process of visit, "Securities Daily" reporter found that dollars and euro, Hong Kong dollar, multiple currency shortage of small notes. At present, in the bank to exchange foreign currency in cash, $100 yuan face value most, although there are small bills, but the number is not much, like 1 dollar, 2 dollar is less; the Hong Kong dollar, Euro most of the banks are in large denomination, Hong Kong is the face value of 1000 yuan, 10 yuan, there are few LingChao 20 dollar. Some banks do not even have any par value of foreign currency, if the user needs, must be a working day ahead of schedule, and the number has been limited. "The face value of 1 yuan, $10 U.S. dollars, at present, we have a number of banks, but not a small number of small Hong Kong dollars are not", a branch of ICBC branch staff told this reporter. Our correspondent in another ICBC outlets, the staff was informed that, at present, the minimum denomination can be exchanged for only $50. The Hong Kong dollar also 6 face value of HK $100, a total of HK $1 face value of $50, the face value of HK $1000, there are currently more than more than and 70, need to be redeemed." In a bank outlets, "Securities Daily" the reporter was informed that the current minimum value of $$100, and HK has just been converted to customers away, there is no inventory, the minimum value of euro 100 euros, was only 14. In the reporter visited the investigation, many bank staff have recommended that the reporter went to the bank China look, and some bank staff said, the bank is the Bank of China to exchange small denomination currency. It is understood that the Bank of China’s foreign currency reserves are relatively rich, can be converted to part of the notes, but there are also a number of restrictions. Reporters came to a branch of the Bank of China branch, according to counter staff, the Bank of China in the form of convertible foreign currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, Europe相关的主题文章: