Man of Science 2 successful jailbreak death 1 days before the invention of artifact – Beijing was co barcarolle

Man of Science 2 successful jailbreak death 1 days before the invention of the artifact was commuted reprieve Beijing – recently, this post fire could not fire! "Live version of Grand Theft Auto: Zhejiang men rob police was sentenced to death to escape, only to find the black technology saved a life…… A culture is terrible ", with the hand piece style post, tells the story of a relationship between Kunming and the story of a man named Li Hongtao, too smart led the police to catch uncle, after the jailbreak drove the police swagger around, had been sentenced to death in prison by mathematical knowledge, invention the invention patent, won the Expo Gold Medal, so successful from the death penalty line to pick up a life, a term of imprisonment. He also helped the prison improved jailbreak system, the final success of the beginning of another life, with the fact that the study of mathematics and physics, all over the world are not afraid. For the first time in spring 1 jailbreak forgery seals implementation of fraud was arrested while he escaped police eat 1992, 26 year old Li Hongtao had not thought of a marriage, their own experience of love not only brought him The imprint is engraved on my heart. emotional experience, but also completely changed his placid life. I graduated from Zhejiang University Department of electronics, Li Hongtao and his girlfriend to live in Kunming. A chance, he met a female college students, and in an extramarital affair. Hearing this, his wife was heartbroken, Li Hongtao also filled with remorse. To seek relief, Li Hongtao started to hurt yourself. Li Hongtao trapped in the whirlpool of love can not extricate themselves, his classmates invited him to open a company. Due to lack of funds, Li Hongtao forged a unit bank seal, from the bank to the unit of money transfer to pre pseudonyms accounts on. The first successful foreign exchange 80 thousand yuan, when the second time for Foreign Exchange 100 thousand yuan, his classmate was arrested on the spot, Li Hongtao himself second days by the Public Security Bureau arrested. For the first time into the Public Security Bureau, Li Hongtao has a kind of pleasure. Escorted by the way, Li Hongtao sang and began planning their escape plan. In April 18, 1992, was arrested the same day, Li Hongtao to escape while the police. After the successful escape, Li Hongtao home, ready to escape the necessities of the road. He chose to travel to Guiyang by train. Just learn to drive, Li Hongtao thought of driving away. April 26, 1992, Li Hongtao in a hotel near Guiyang, with homemade car keys, stealing a Audi car. 2 escape again after stealing Audi stole him from the police to the fugitive prisoners in a stolen Audi car, Li Hongtao toward the unknown destination escape, night driving is not It’s raining and blowing hard., skilled, he panic even turn into a roadside ditch. But fate is not the end of his life, the car is very strong, he was unharmed, and lucky to meet a local farmer, saved him, took him back to his home to live. Later, Li Hongtao drove forward, saw a Santana car in a hotel door, want to read and play. He drove the car, day and night, only 24 hours, from Nanning drove back to Kunming. After returning to Kunming, he did not hide everywhere, but several times went to the university to attend the wedding of his girlfriend to see her.相关的主题文章: