Man drunk driving hit and run but at the traffic lights at the intersection of sleep coinwatch

Man drunk driving accident escape was sleeping at the traffic lights at the junction – Beijing, Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Xu Yehui reporter Han Kun peak) Suqian a man drunk completely drunken driving on the road, people injured accident, he drove away, the traffic lights to sleep, police were caught. A few days ago at 9 o’clock in the evening, in Suqian City People’s road accident occurred, a black Land Rover collided with a motorcycle, motorcycle driver injured. After the incident, Suqian City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment police shield Hu rushed to the scene, found the injured have been rushed to hospital, the vehicle disappear without a trace. Then came the news from the radio station, in the development of the road and the people’s Road intersection, a Land Rover illegal stop blocking road. Police then rushed to the scene and found that the Land Rover did not stop at the intersection, the car has a significant impact on the trail, and the right rear wheel has deflated, the driver actually fell asleep in the cab. Because the driver drank too much to wake up, the police had to call 120, the medical staff will help, the driver from the cab to carry out blood tests, and it is in the hospital. Bound sober driver Lin only recognizes the fact of drunk driving, drunk escapes but denials. The police retrieved surveillance video to watch Lin, Lin had to admit his drunken accident in fact escape.相关的主题文章: