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Business Somehow, someway, this week has turned into a week of action. I’m surrounded by it. Many of my clients, my family members and even some friends have made decisions that they’ve b een mulling over for weeks, in some cases months. And this week, it’s amazing how many have decided to move forward. It’s terribly exciting. The wisdom that it takes to execute these decisions falls into three practical pieces of ad vice: 1) Know when ‘enough is enough’ with considering options. 2) Take action in a timely and efficient manner. 3) Learn from your 20/20 hindsight. On knowing when enough is enough with your processing, know this: a) you’ve reviewed all the options until you’re in ‘analysis paralysis’; b) you’ve searched those in the know for their best recommendations; c) you know in your heart what is right, so d) you’re ready to move forward. Why belabor the process? Some of us feel we need approval to take action. In my own experience, the only one we really need approval from is our own sweet Self. Some live in agonizing fear and self-doubt: "Am I making a mistake?" If you need more time or facts, get them. If not, enough is enough. When it comes to knowing when to make a decision and take it forward with action, I support folks who know when the time is right. Whether it is deciding which Blackberry to purchase or when to leave a relationship, no more energy need go into this scenario. Set your sights on the future. What now opens up to you now? Where would you like to place your valuable time and energy? What’s the best strategy to get what you want? Learning from your 20/20 hindsight is too often overlooked. We are sometimes shot down by our own feelings of guild: "Why did it take me so long to make this decision?" or in second guessing ourselves: "How could I have done what I did?" "How did I allow this to happen?" The key is to ‘get the learning.’ What is there for you to learn from taking weeks instead of hours or even minutes to take this action? What did this cost you? What will you change next time? Is it a matter of scheduling the appropriate time to do your research? Are you procrastinating or are you just not asking the correct questions? Valuable data is available to us every minute of every day if we’ll slow down long enough to take it in. Life is too short to be indecisive. Can you make some major decisions this week that will make your life more simple, or create a lot more income and thus freedom, and keep projecting yourself forward? Go for it! Trust yourself and have an action-packed week! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: