Magic 10 Super authentic American burger with a big mouth to eat nvidia geforce gt 740m

Shanghai 10 Super authentic American Hamburg took the children to eat the big crispy and delicious fried bread with succulent is Roast Beef, pickled cucumbers sauce, mustard sauce free collocation, bite down gravy splash, simple pleasure moreish. This is the American burger! To lose the hands of the Western hamburger, Xiaobian to eat authentic American Super burger! 1, is   Beef  & social cattle;   Liberty; grass fed beef burger grass fed beef burger grass fed beef burger in Shanghai mall this excellent location is cattle society is a recommended restaurant in Hongkong in 2015 Michelin. The person in charge of the restaurant has visited many countries, looking for the most suitable meat, the final choice of small farms in Tasmania, no stimulation of grass fed beef, and create a restaurant’s signature Gourmet – beef burger. Thick and thick beef cake mixed with vegetables sandwiched between two pieces of freshly baked bread, emitting a seductive aroma, seeing as a real feeling of satiety! Address: No. 1376 Nanjing West Road Shanghai Xifeng mall No. 111: 116 yuan per capita, 2 Rachel’s beef cheese hamburger beef cheeseburger transparent and bright decoration style collocation art fan full name, but selling hamburgers full weight, this is a lot of Dave will come to the red net store! The price is very high, working day package, a fruit juice, a hamburger, a French fries as long as 78 yuan. Beef cheese hamburger is not small, the middle of a thick piece of beef, with a rich piece of cheese, a go down, to meet the need not! Address: Xuhui District Wukang Road No. 202: 93 yuan per capita   3, POP American [1] Brasserie mushroom foie gras and beef burger mushroom foie gras and beef burger is located in the Bund No. three POP American Brasserie is an American American restaurant supply all kinds of dishes, Hamburg is just one kind of mushroom foie gras and beef burger is representative for now, beef pie with a layer of soft and tasty foie gras, with mushrooms Aberdeen between teeth left delicate and natural taste. Address: No. 17 Guangdong Road, the Bund No. three 7 floor: 286 yuan per capita, 4 Bistro  Burger California Hamburg California Hamburg this Bistro  Burger Shanghai is the most famous American hamburger restaurant, persevere to occupy the hamburger list. As to Hamburg as the shop recruit reputation restaurant, he also used 100% Australian beef patties, no special requirements of words are usually cooked five minutes, to ensure that the meat is delicious. California burger, shea butter, beef, blue cheese Bacon everything, unambiguous materials. Bread is baked sweet, crisp taste, with a cup of milk, taste good to burst! Address: No. 291 Fumin road Wujin Century Towers 1 floor: 105 yuan per capita相关的主题文章: