MacBook will be released next month, the biggest upgrade in four years (video) shishangqiyi

MacBook will be released next month, this is the biggest upgrade in four years after the new version of the iPhone and Apple Watch, the MacBook series is coming soon. According to Macrumors sources said that apple is currently actively preparing to complete before the end of the Mac production line update, MacBook Pro may soon be released in late October of this year. Prior to the macOS 10.12.1 system update is to support the new Macbook Pro hardware features and prepared. This upgrade will be the biggest upgrade of the MacBook Pro product line in four years, after the upgrade is only a number of performance optimization, the appearance of no change. The upgraded MacBook Pro shape will become thinner. Because it will use metal injection molding (MiM) hinge parts and has been used in 12 inch MacBook keyboard support structure. Its fuselage edge will have a sense of line. In addition to the appearance of the change, the hardware version of the Macbook Pro will use the name "OLED touchpad dynamic function button" to replace the top of the keyboard has been more than and 50 years in the row of function keys from F1 to F12, and it will convert the users are using different applications based on. 13 inches with OLED touch bar MacBook concept map it will also support the Touch ID fingerprint recognition function, the Touch ID button will be possible with the power button combination. In the current model, the power button is set on the side of the function keys, and the new version of the MacBook Pro power button will still be in that position, but here will add a new Touch ID sensor. 15 inch high version of Mac will also upgrade the use of a new generation of the AMD graphics card, it will reduce the thickness of 20% than the previous generation. IMac new models will also be equipped with AMD graphics card. Previously, in 2015 appeared on the 12 inch MacBook USB Type-C interface will also appear in the full series of Mac notebook. If there is no accident, apple MacBook Pro and Air will be updated next month. The most wonderful video recommendation National Day Beijing blocked 3 kilometers, sister paper Street Pro Internet travel recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply to "Standford", for "Stanford University: artificial intelligence and life" 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章: