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Ma Jun: the people’s Bank is "Shanghai renntun" preparations for the China securities network in recent years, with the deepening of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, accelerate the pace of internationalization of the RMB, the British financial cooperation is faced with hitherto unknown opportunities. According to the Securities Times reported in September 14th, yesterday, the Beijing Xicheng District people’s government, the city of London jointly sponsored "financial cooperation and Development Dialogue activities, the two sides executives of financial institutions to the British capital market outlook, green finance and a series of topics discussed. According to the people’s Bank of China chief economist Ma Jun said the ongoing "Shanghai renntun" preparation work, if there are specific operational difficulties, the people’s Bank and other regulatory authorities will continue to promote cooperation. Shanghai and Hong Kong has been implemented, mainly Shanghai and Hong Kong stock market transactions interconnection, the bond market for China Unicom and there is no single mechanism arrangements. For the "Shanghai renntun" will open the bond market interoperability, Ma Jun said, still under discussion in the process of. "The people’s Bank has recently announced the opening of the domestic inter-bank bond market, overseas institutional investors can buy and sell the inter-bank market debt, but in the specific operational arrangements but also do a lot of improvement, the flow rate can be increased and the market of RMB bonds more effectively guide more foreign capital into the territory. Ma Jun said. The expansion of the scale of exchange from the beginning of the Chinese currency, Renminbi denominated bonds issued in London to pay, and then to the future opening of the "Shanghai renntun", Britain’s financial and economic and trade cooperation continue to strengthen. Vice governor Zhang Qingsong Chinese bank said, now China and Britain are important trading partner and investment destination, in the future, financial cooperation between the two countries in the future is very bright, will face three major opportunities: first, the overall performance of the economy is good, the London international financial centre will remain in the UK; second. The two economies are highly complementary, willingness to cooperate is high; third, the rapid growth of London RMB internationalization business development prospects. In the future, the RMB will gradually evolve from the trade financing currency to the trading currency and investment currency, and the advantages of the city will be further developed. China Securities Network (financeapp) more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent finance.相关的主题文章: