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Lyft will test the two designated taxi monthly service – Sohu technology Texun according to foreign media reports, the day before, Lyft often use the software for taxi users launched an experimental service –Line Passes. The service is a bit like taking a bus or subway, that is, from the designated two places, choose it can save a lot of money for the user, at the same time, it can also help the driver bind more repeat customers. Lyft said that this is called Line Passes service model will be launched next month to test. It is understood that often travel to a specific location in two – such as residential and corporate users the best choice of $29 Line Pass, which covers all types of taxi service. That is to say, a card in hand, chartered in January. In addition to $29, Lyft also launched a relatively cheap choice of $–20, $2 per trip. Want to participate in the experiment of service users need to complete the purchase in the month before the end of this month, the service will be launched only in Washington, the United States of Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Losangeles.相关的主题文章: