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[love] time to follow the laws of nature to enjoy birth – Sohu maternal pregnancy in October, birth, birth to a healthy baby, every expectant parents wish. And the choice of delivery mode, it is more accurate mom and dad have been tangled, confused problem. Delivery mode includes natural childbirth, artificial assisted vaginal delivery and cesarean delivery, respectively, according to the pregnant mother and the baby’s own choice. If the fetus is normal, normal development of pregnant women, pregnant women in good physical condition, by the uterine paroxysmal rhythmic contraction of the fetus will be released in vitro, which is natural childbirth. Assisted vaginal delivery is uterine atony or expectant longer appear in natural childbirth process, appropriate to add some accelerated delivery of drugs to increase uterine contraction, shorten the production process. If the fetus is too large or uterine atony, maternal physical strength is not enough, must use the episiotomy, fetal head suction device help. The other is cesarean section in the pelvic narrow, placental abnormalities, abnormal birth canal and other special circumstances, the need to end the delivery as soon as possible should be taken during cesarean delivery, to ensure the safety of the mother. Natural childbirth is a human instinct, is a normal physiological process of reproduction, and cesarean section is a way to solve dystocia. The birth for mothers and babies, has irreplaceable advantages, postpartum recovery, on the day of walking, and the baby came out from the birth canal, lung function exercise, skin nerve endings after stimulation by the massage, good feeling, nervous system development, and not because of the anesthetic and make the children the nerves hurt. So the doctor advised choice of delivery delivery in the physical conditions permit. Today we invited to the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital, chief physician, deputy director of Obstetrics treatment area in Yan teacher guest studio, to talk about what are the benefits of birth on maternal and child health.相关的主题文章: