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Web-Design Nowadays content writers are in great demand. The reason for their demand is quiet clear. To get good ranking in Google and other popular search engines, your quality of content must be good. Visitors are increased only by seeing good content on your website. Until and unless they get the appropriate information about the product and service that is being offered through your website that would not really stay on your site and move on to the next site of the search engine ranking. So, your content should according to the search engine and visitors. This will actually lead to optimize your business. It is a fact that initially visitors get attracted only by proper web designing of your site. So it is essential that the web content is also apt and attractive. It should also be easy for the visitor to navigate the site. Web design is the process of designing websites. Your site must be design and arrange properly to increase your visitor and page rank. But to hold your visitor, providing good content is the main thing. It is not enough to chuck up your page on site with .panys image and logo. Your content must be their on usual basis. Your strategy of content must be proper. This is the reason why there should be appropriate blend between the designing and content part. Web content must be organized in proper way because it is important to keep in mind about your already posted article and pattern of writing, it is so because content must not be copy write and also for page layout which includes pages or categories belongs o your content. Title of your content is as per your theme and search engine. It must be of four or five words which describe your content briefly and in an attractive way which force visitor to read out your full content and give feedback. If your visitors give proper feedback either good or bad but it is helpful for you to know the needs of visitors through which you can make it better for next content, which will fulfill their needs. Then it .es to body of your content. This is main part or your content. You cannot start your content directly want you want to say. Contents body should be properly arrange, which divided into three parts: 1: summary: it contain brief introduction about your subject matter. It should be written in an attractive manner which force visitor to read further part of your article. You may write it on a question form. 2: content: this is the main part of your content where you have to express everything what you want to say your visitor, merits demerits of that thing, giving examples, how it is helpful and suggestion. 3: resource box: resource box or author box is also a main part of web content on your website. It highlights authors profile, theme and small description about author. Remember that all content would lead towards your target. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: