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"Long live" launch ceremony Sheng Guansen Mrs. Yan Ni siblings love entertainment Sohu – "long live the wife" launch ceremony of Sheng Guansen site as "long live the wife" launch ceremony Guansen Sheng Xi Sheng Guansen activities according to the site as Marseille Sohu entertainment news recently, by the Beijing culture media, Zhejiang Runde Tong Dongyang time story, his satellite media CO produced Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Sheng Guansen, and other old and new strength idol co starring drama "Mrs. Long live" landing in Anhui, Tianjin satellite tv. Yesterday, the collective creative team debut at the Tianjin satellite launch ceremony special program. Among them, Guansen Sheng in a simple fashion collocation and appearance, "cousin" Yan Ni wonderful interactive, two drama staged "sister love", attracted many fans have to point praise. "Long live the wife" tells the story of the three groups of different classes, different forms of life, and have their own representatives of the family, marriage, love, friendship story. Although it is a family drama, but the drama wind humor, more high value Yan 90 little meat to join to help out, the show in a number of family ethical play without loss of youth and vigor. Sheng Guansen starred in a play in the drama of a motorcycle loving boy in Beijing. At the launch ceremony, Sheng Guansen on the spot "confession" Yan Ni, frankly admired Yan Ni and the starring acting, said that cooperation with the teachers benefited more to play better, and have a better understanding of acting. At the same time, Yan Ni is also full of praise for Guansen zhikua Sheng Sheng, Guansen acting talent, is modest, is a very likable man. The Yan Nisheng guansen siblings mutual praise, is a tacit understanding, collocation dance, attracted fans shouted "it is to love sister combination". It is reported that Guansen Sheng was a child actor, worked in the family sitcom "family with children" as Liu Xing’s classmate in the keyboard; the "snow Eagle", "embrace the moon", "Star Star times" have outstanding performance. By this he appeared in "long live" and "Mrs. China relation" in Anhui, Tianjin and Beijing satellite TV, Oriental TV hit, the different role of the collision is not the same as the spark, looking forward to Guansen Sheng to bring more wonderful performances to the audience!相关的主题文章: