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Lin Dan admitted that derailed and a public apology: I hurt my family Lin Dan Lin Dan traced derailed Zhao Yaqi Tencent screenshot micro-blog entertainment news (Wen Fang Fang) today derailed Lin Dan’s news filled the headlines page, almost all the media are looking for Lin Dan to respond, many users also let Lin Dan give a view on micro-blog comments. Until just now, Lin Dan issued a response on micro-blog: "do as a man, I do not do more for their own excuse, but my behavior hurt my family, where I apologize to my family." The micro-blog users instantly captured, ten minutes to reach thirty thousand times the number of comments. Lin Dan admits that he derailed, that hurt the family according to the Almanac shows that November should be appropriate to break up divorce should be derailed…… This month it seems that many people in the entertainment world are struggling. A few days ago, Hawick Lau Wang Ou the night of the script was traced derailed, today known as the China badminton world badminton circles, a brother of one of the four kings Lin Dan also entered the list of derailment. Early in the morning was exposed and Zhao Yaqi private photos and videos. The video of Lin Dantong Zhao Yaqi in Foshan, a five star hotel cuddle to touch the buttocks, although the picture is fuzzy but still can clearly recognize is indeed badminton Prince Lin Dan I. In fact, the event is not suddenly, and as early as mid September this year, Xie Xingfang is in pregnancy, Lin Dan was photographed with a mysterious woman in eight, and broke the news that Lin Dan had previously brought a young woman to luxury shops, because no woman eventually buy your favorite limited edition package, Lin Dan picked up 100 thousand pieces of goods all simply do not buy. Zhao Yaqi had a scene in micro-blog to watch the badminton team championships. Recently, there are users in the micro-blog broke the news: his wife to give birth soon, Lin Dan had suspected the concert companion articles. More insider called from the media broke the panda sisters ", said Lin Dan Xie Xingfang’s feelings has long ceased! Broke the news that Lin Dan derailed the fact that as early as the Rio Olympic Games when you know, but broke the news that Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang will not divorce, there is a lot of commercial value between them. The event completely broke, Lin Dan mobile phone has been turned off, reporters call the broker Mr. Dong, which declined an interview with reporters on the grounds of "busy". At the same time, the heroine Zhao Yaqi broker also did not receive a phone call. Many people think that Lin Dan is looking for a place to hide, but after a few hours, the escapades of Lin Dan in a brave dispatch to respond in micro-blog, in their Lin Dan said without any explanation, but for their own behavior to apologize to the family, "as a man, I don’t own more excuses, but my behavior hurt my family, here I apologize to my family." Reporters once again contact their broker, Mr. Dong said: everything to Lin Dan micro-blog content based, the other does not make any response." People eat melon was playing bad, Chen, Hawick Lau, Li Zongwei, the current users seem to lay the gun on the star’s divorce derailed, immunity is more and more high, from the infinite abuse before the evolution to eat melon masses in line with the spirit of entertainment in various online ridicule play bad. Today Lin Dan derailment, there are a lot of friends will naturally follow the norm in Lin Dan micro-blog called slag men, Zhao Yaqi micro-blog comments below mistress fox, thanks to Xingdu相关的主题文章: