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Li Yixiao was invited to the New York fashion week is not just so simple – Elf costume Sohu 2017 New York fashion week opened the first international fashion week curtain, costume wizard Li Yixiao was invited to New York fashion week, and with a black modern shape coming out of the airport. Karl Lagerfeld Rhinestone head sweater collocation black leather skirt, LV small bags, simple and stylish, a change in the past sweet image, tidal range of children, very impressive. She is "dancing Yu Ji Chu legend", "she is very pretty and charming the zhenmi new Luo", she is "Su Daji gods" enchanting charm, she is the "new" Xiao Lang eleven wind in four of her mother, or pure, or graceful, or charming or vigorous. The screen image of the costume elves – Li Yixiao, gorgeous transformation, in the face of fashion, she did her own. Before going to New York fashion week, Li Yixiao and the star like clothing, a group of fashion street shoot large. A change in the classic beauty of the past, the development of an elegant fashion transformation. Whether it is handsome vest suit, or the current popular printing wide leg pants, Baseball Jacket, Li Yixiao can deduce their own taste, color striped dress shows off her white skin and clever temperament. In the next few days of the New York fashion week, was invited to attend a number of brand show Li Yixiao will continue to hand in the "star like clothing", offering more wonderful modeling. Twisting together with Li Yixiao, the first time to grasp the latest fashion trends in New York.相关的主题文章: