Li Qing interpretation of honest and simple chef is like white chef-y580

Li Qing interpretation of honest and simple cook was like "white Chef" Li Qing Li Qing interpretation of chef Li Qing Tencent entertainment news by Yalin Gao (micro-blog) directed by big city life long light comedy "again" the natural instincts of man drama set off a wave of boom, Li Qing in the drama played the chef Song Jianren decided to give up the pursuit of love for the high salary work to live the natural instincts of man restaurant. It is reported that the signing of the new owner of Tianjin Jia culture media Co., Li Qing in the children’s drama "Star" in the blue elf more impressive, the audience was affectionately known as "the king of the children", and later in the film and television drama portraying different roles, real force acting Li Qing you can play wide road. The "Li Qing" in the natural instincts of man avatar in the head chef, with many years of acting experience, coupled with the natural size advantage, be honest and simple image to depict the penetrating chef. Li Qing talked about the role of Song Jianren said, Song Jianren is like a mirror, can find themselves in the interpretation of the advantages and disadvantages at the same time, this little people in the daily lives of the passions also make themselves feel particularly practical and realistic. At the scene, Li Qing is also known as the chef’s white, with the warmth of food and the truth of everyone.相关的主题文章: