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Li Keqiang: to promote the innovation of the reform and opening up Chinese economy – Beijing Li Keqiang in economic development and improve people’s livelihood. The forum stressed the development priority to better protect the basic livelihood of innovation in the reform and opening up to promote steady economic Chinese Zhang Gaoli attended Xinhua Yao Dawei photo in November 14th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a forum will do a good job, economic development and improving people’s livelihood and other work to listen to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, expert opinions and suggestions. Zhang Gaoli, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the state council. At the meeting, from universities, research institutions, enterprises, hospitals, local housing security center, Huang Yiping Shen Ming, Ma Zhengwu, Ren Zhengfei, Cui, Ceng Yixin, Yan Jiang and so on the current economic situation and the next trend, how to better solve the key problems such as the people’s livelihood made. We believe that the current rise China to stabilize the economy, especially since the three quarter, many indicators better than expected, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood has many highlights, new energy to accelerate the growth of enterprise efficiency improvement, the support for the future development of China economic confidence. Li Keqiang to discuss with you. He said, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee and the strong leadership and the concerted efforts of the whole nation, this year’s economic and social development have a better grasp of the main objectives and tasks completed, but to see that the current international environment uncertainty increased, the domestic industry area, economic differentiation trend also brings great challenges. Do economic work, to implement the new concept of development, and improve the stability of macroeconomic policy, efforts to consolidate the basis of "stable" efforts, more real savings in "into" strength, moderate expansion of aggregate demand, supply side efforts to promote structural reforms, more outstanding quality and efficiency, expanding the economic situation for the better. China News Agency Liu Zhen Li Keqiang said, to accelerate the transformation of old and new momentum to promote economic restructuring and upgrading. In recent years, new energy growth exceeded expectations, and promote the traditional energy vitality, the two complement each other, the economic structure changes, especially in the downward pressure on the economy, the number of college graduates reached a record high, capacity to transfer personnel increased, it is the growth of new energy and provided strong support for the stability of employment. At present, the region, the industry is not only the trend of labor pains, but also pregnant with hope. To strengthen the real economy, we should vigorously implement the innovation driven development strategy, accelerate the improvement of total factor productivity. Encourage social forces to use "Internet plus" as a platform, the vigorous development of public entrepreneurship, innovation, implementation of the "2025 China manufacturing", improve Chinese equipment technical level and market share, press the new technologies, new industries, new formats and new model of the new economic growth and transformation and upgrading of traditional industries "fast forward". Li Keqiang pointed out that through the deepening of reform and opening up, leveraging development vitality. China has more than 900 million of the labor force, 170 million of the higher education and vocational training personnel, which is the development of the largest gold mine". To further promote decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services, deepen the reform of commercial system, the implementation of "one card" and other initiatives, get rid of all kinds of unreasonable barriers and constraints, maintenance.相关的主题文章: